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Aug 2013 huntermop Agreed to trade on July 16. I sent my box out July 17. Didn’t hear anything from Brian until August 8. I texted him and messaged him but no response. I asked a former trading partner about his bad experience and determined that I may need to pursue legal action. When letting Brian know this he responded rather rudely and said he would ship my box. I finally received it Aug 16. The beers he sent we
Apr 2013 toncatcher A little bumpy but all’s well that ends well. If you’re planning a trade you might want him to ship first.
May 2012 jhenry04 Great beers, stellar extras, fast shipping. An A+ trade all around.
Mar 2012 pantanap took awhile to get off the ground but ended up with a nice box of the agreed upon brews and a bonus funky buddha snifter. nice!
Sep 2011 Savvy1982 Delivered the asked for Nielsbohrium and 3 more great brews. Who double boxes a styro shipper? Brian does. Great packaging, solid trade. Thanks again.
Jul 2011 whatsupstairs my first trade thanks i got a surly drakness 10 and a cantillon rose de gambrinus for a veritas 009