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Oct 2014 jtclockwork My first bad review. It was bound to happen. Kyle still owes me a box. It’s been over a year and now he’s stopped responding to me. It sucks especially since he’s been great in the past. Hope everything is okay.
Dec 2012 Glouglouburp Nice box from Kyle with an assortment of Montana, western canada and import goodies along with a growler of Draught Works Scepter Head IPA. Nicely packed. Thanks a lot Kyle.
Dec 2012 mishuggah Had an amazing trade with Kyle who sent me some bottles from my favorite brewery. He also threw in some great local extras from his neck of the woods. Very much looking forward to settting up another trade somewhere down the line.
Nov 2012 BSharpZ1921 Great guy. Kyle shipped quick and put enough bubble wrap to protect against getting runover by a truck. Didn’t ask for $4$ even though I offered. Great Guy to trade with.
Oct 2012 RamyG4 Kyle hooked me up with a Westy XII pack, and shipped it perfectly, glasses and all, so that I could reassemble it in the box. Thanks a lot!
Oct 2012 dimenhetfield Kyle is the man!! He helped me out with my Mikkller/Bday tasting big time. Sent me a Cantillon along with some other goodies. Trade with him if you can!
Jun 2012 pilot1331 This is my second trade with Savvy1982 and Its always an easy and fantastic trade. Man packs uber well and sends out quickly. Will always trade with this guy and you should too.
Jun 2012 miketd Kyle sent me four new beers that look great. Boxed up tight and shipped fast. Terrific trade, thanks!
Jun 2012 Doodler Sir Kyle saw I was looking and blessed me with a box of cantillons in record time and sweetly packed. Didn’t ask for anything special in return (wow!). He is the man...big props sir!
Jun 2012 DuffMan The Alberta Pipeline is a-flowin’!! Got my first box of goodies from Kyle, and as usual he exceeded expectations! Lots of quality beers I haven’t had, including some fun ones from Half Pints that he grabbed direct from the brewery. The highlight for me was the Boulevard brett-saison, totally unexpected-- very generous!

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