Member since Jul 24 2004
Avg Score Given 3.28
Avg Beer Rated 3.19

Favourite styles are IPAs, DIPAs, APAs, Lambics, Sours.

Member of the SESSIONISTAS group.

Ratebeerians I?ve had a few with: gilvanblight, PandoraGreen, Ferfie, Torontoblue, gramity, Savvy1982, heemer77, Lubiere, Cirrhosis, Vertical Bacon Strips, kbudd19, dougticket, Parksy, Ferris, Tracksidebeer, DuffMan, dfearnley, YEG_Willy, bulldogops

Ratebeerians I?ve traded with: OKBeer, heemer77, HogTownHarry, matt7215, arminjewell, wilco

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Alley Kat Brewing Company, EdmontonBrewsters Brewing Company & Restaurant, Calgary