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Oct 2013 phaleslu BROsmer lifted a huge box. Not so tame. Tons of Hardywood and other VA goodies. I will return the favor in a big way, because he deserves it. Awesome shipping, communication, et al. Cheers, Bro!
Sep 2013 MacBoost Yum a dum dum! BROsmer hooked it up with some gingerbread or something. It’s not a wave.
Sep 2013 Clownoisseur Ryan answered my call for some Bitter Valentine. Very laid back communication/negotiation, solid packaging and he even tossed in some extras! Kick ass trade. Would definitely swap beers with Ryan again.
May 2013 LeninCat Just received a stellar box out of the blue from this kick ass bro. Great bro to trade with and even better bro to just receive random beer from. FUCKEN A BROsmer!
Apr 2013 GH734uKzl Ryan was willing to give a newb a shot at his first trade. Everything went off without a hitch. He sent a great selection of stuff I’ve never had before. Only problem is figuring out which one to crack open first. Hope to keep trading. Hope everyone is as solid as Ryan.
Apr 2013 TheHOFF43 Brosmer sent me an awesome box, possibly the best I have ever received. Wow.
Mar 2013 Steve_0 Got a sweet box of Virginia stuff from Ryan after winning his lifting competition during free beer week. This guy knows how to hook it up and is a stand-up dude. I tell you another thing - this bro definitely lifts, bros!
Mar 2013 MacBoost Lucky contest winner here. This guy loves his rice, gravy and ground beef! Hooked me up with a box of sweet extras, including some Mikkeller and dark horse. Awesome!
Mar 2013 Suchy3 Great trade here. Awesome job packing. Lots of bubble wrap. Hooked me up with a BCS that I’ve wanted to get a hold of. Would be happy to trade with again.
Feb 2013 Unclerudy Just got some nice BA beers from Ryan for some of my home made mead. Awesome job packing. Looking to trade with him in the future again. Great job man!

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