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Feb 2020 Grzesiek79 European Local Swap 2020. Colin sent to me small box with 10 craft beer from UK. Nice selection of BrewDod, Boundary ant other rare for me craft beer. Also nice small tasting RateBeer Glass:). Thank you so much!!!
Dec 2018 stevoj Third IP trade with Colin. I was able to provide him some Montana ticks, although I can't necessarily vouch for their quality, its what he wanted.Colin more than fulfilled his end of the bargain with 8 Cloudwater, a Fuller's vintage and several other. Much more than I had anticipated, and quite generous. I'll try to keep trading with Colin as long as I can, although airline baggage res
Nov 2018 japppp Was my partner in European Local Swap 2018. Very good communication, very nice selection with nice extras and excellent packing. Thank you and high recommendation as a trader from me!
Aug 2018 herrklemann I recently left a box at Colins hotel when he was passing through Graz and I wasn't in town. As a thank you, he surprised me with a shipped box full of recent Siren brews impossible to get in Austria. Packaging was impeccable. Content speaks for itself. Always a pleasure, my friend!
Jul 2018 stevoj Another splendid swap with Colin on my trip to UK, coupled with a day out crawling in Oxford. Pork scratchins are where its at! A wonderful mix of English styles and a few from the recent completed beer fest in Copenhagen. Till we meet again at Pigs Ear in December!
Feb 2018 herrklemann Received a really great box from Colin for the European Local Swap 1/2018. Beavertown, Cloudwater, The Kernel - all in there. Styles I wanted, styles I needed - and even a glas! Communication was transparent and great, packaging nuclear-blast-proof. I would definitely do a trade with Colin any time, and would absolutely recommend him as a trader.
Feb 2018 explosivedog IP trade in London in Jan 2017 over a few ticks at Mother Kelly's Vauxhall. Was offered a great selection of new and cellared beers, and all those I've drunk so far have been great. Good to meet you and thanks for the trade!
Nov 2017 djd07 Second trade in the books with Colin. He hooked it up with some fresh Cloudwater/Jester King collab cans. Fast shipping, bombproof packaging. Always a pleasure trading with Cloin!
Nov 2017 djd07 Colin hooked it up with some top 50 rates for me with some Cloudwater cans. Bomb proof packaging, quick shipping, took care of me nicely. Do not hesitate to trade with Colin!
Oct 2017 bytemesis Colin dropped me some fresh Cloudwater a while ago with no fanfare and no discussion on what might go back his way. Great guy! Of course, I am not totally taking advantage of him by dragging my feet on the return. I promise you will like it when it comes my man!

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