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Feb 2020 Grzesiek79 European Local Swap 2020. Colin sent to me small box with 10 craft beer from UK. Nice selection of BrewDod, Boundary ant other rare for me craft beer. Also nice small tasting RateBeer Glass:). Thank you so much!!!
Dec 2018 stevoj Third IP trade with Colin. I was able to provide him some Montana ticks, although I can't necessarily vouch for their quality, its what he wanted.Colin more than fulfilled his end of the bargain with 8 Cloudwater, a Fuller's vintage and several other. Much more than I had anticipated, and quite generous. I'll try to keep trading with Colin as long as I can, although airline baggage res
Nov 2018 japppp Was my partner in European Local Swap 2018. Very good communication, very nice selection with nice extras and excellent packing. Thank you and high recommendation as a trader from me!
Aug 2018 herrklemann I recently left a box at Colins hotel when he was passing through Graz and I wasn't in town. As a thank you, he surprised me with a shipped box full of recent Siren brews impossible to get in Austria. Packaging was impeccable. Content speaks for itself. Always a pleasure, my friend!
Jul 2018 stevoj Another splendid swap with Colin on my trip to UK, coupled with a day out crawling in Oxford. Pork scratchins are where its at! A wonderful mix of English styles and a few from the recent completed beer fest in Copenhagen. Till we meet again at Pigs Ear in December!
Feb 2018 herrklemann Received a really great box from Colin for the European Local Swap 1/2018. Beavertown, Cloudwater, The Kernel - all in there. Styles I wanted, styles I needed - and even a glas! Communication was transparent and great, packaging nuclear-blast-proof. I would definitely do a trade with Colin any time, and would absolutely recommend him as a trader.
Feb 2018 explosivedog IP trade in London in Jan 2017 over a few ticks at Mother Kelly's Vauxhall. Was offered a great selection of new and cellared beers, and all those I've drunk so far have been great. Good to meet you and thanks for the trade!
Nov 2017 djd07 Second trade in the books with Colin. He hooked it up with some fresh Cloudwater/Jester King collab cans. Fast shipping, bombproof packaging. Always a pleasure trading with Cloin!
Nov 2017 djd07 Colin hooked it up with some top 50 rates for me with some Cloudwater cans. Bomb proof packaging, quick shipping, took care of me nicely. Do not hesitate to trade with Colin!
Oct 2017 bytemesis Colin dropped me some fresh Cloudwater a while ago with no fanfare and no discussion on what might go back his way. Great guy! Of course, I am not totally taking advantage of him by dragging my feet on the return. I promise you will like it when it comes my man!
May 2017 RichTheVillan Colin is a reliable trader always delivers what he promises, our trades have been a mix of in person and posted. Solid packaging, I need to have a baby so I can get a surprise box.
May 2017 jakob11 Got some Cloudwaters from Colin in exchange for some Other Halfs. The package arrived quickly after easygoing and effective communication. Would definitely trade again, highly recommended!
Dec 2016 stevoj Colin set me up with some really nice UK beers (including both Good King Henry’s) to bring back to the States with me. We met in London at Euston Tap and did the exchange, and a had a few half pints and some chat. Superb fellow!
Jul 2016 phaleslu Cloin surprised me with a little box of nice UK beers just for having a dumb baby. What a great guy. Cheers, Cloin!
Feb 2016 Cuetzpallin I set up an IP Trade in NYC with Colin, everything went very smoothly, excellent communication and just a very good trustworthy person to trade with overall and I actually can’t wait for our next future trade!! I would more than 100% recommend trading with Colin!!Cheers!
Feb 2016 thebaldwizard Colin! Great in person trade at RBWG. Colin was super generous and very easy to work out details with. Glad we made the trade, and was even happier to have spent some time drinking at the event. What a great guy!
Feb 2016 b3shine Nice IP trade with Cloin at RBWG in Santa Rosa. Communication was great, and he left me with some nice Kernel beers. Cheers!
Dec 2015 MannyGoldberg IP trade with Colin involving some BA goodies. A top member of the community and easy to work with. Cheers!
Sep 2015 Countbeer Another flawless In Person trade, done @ Borefts’15. Been working on this one for quite a while... Brought me some top beers, thanks for that! Always a pleasure to trade with Colin! Thanks!
Apr 2015 Fin I have done a couple of in person trades with Colin over the last couple of years and had some crackers from him that I would never have been able to pick up otherwise without considerable time and effort. He is a jolly generous and decent chap.
Jan 2015 digita7693 Met Colin at BBF6, simple and quick in person trade. Real nice guy, we ended up sharing a few beers together too and are planning to meet up again.
Nov 2014 Fbc24 Colin is an awesomely generous trader! Several trades so far and hopefully many more to come. Take his stuff from The Kernel, it’s all awesome!
Nov 2014 t0rin0 Met Collin and company for some brewery hopping and he brings me some Kernel IPAs and a Good King Henry for no real reason other than I mentioned the Kernel in a beermail conversation. Great guy.
Nov 2014 GT Excellent IP trade with Colin- thank you sir! Communicative, outgoing, really fun to hang out with. Went above and beyond with beers from across the pond plus glassware and a De Garde rarity. Can’t wait to meet again!
Oct 2014 Tsekouratos IP trade with Colin at Borefts 2014! Excellent guy, nice selection of micros, bottles in great condition! Highly recommended trader!!
Sep 2014 Abio Another IP trade this year with this nice guy. Quick reply’s and you can count on this guy for sure! Big thanks again!
Sep 2014 RasmusOtt IP trade @ borefts 14. Theydon brought me a long sought after gem and a nice little extra. humble and friendly guy to meet. Thanks for the trade - Cheers!
Sep 2014 bierkoning I did a local for local trade with Colin @ Borefts. He got me some lovely London brews and was so kind to act as a mule in another trade. Great trader, friendly guy!
Sep 2014 Dedollewaitor Another great IP with Colin. Dude always comes correct! Got some Arbor/Moor which I look forward to.. Cheers my friend!
Mar 2014 Dedollewaitor Awesome trade. Great communication. Looking forward to do it again! Cheers Colin.
Mar 2014 _angst_ IP trade at rlgks tasting. An US Impy Stout bomber for 3 interesting UK saisons. Solid trade and solid extras. Thank you very much :)
Mar 2014 Nisse666 Face to face trade with Collin at the great Gbg beer crawl. Easy, fast and correct information. Great extras. Rare London sours + other brittish micro brews. Collin is super trader - highest recommendations! It was also great to share loads of beers, hope that we can do that soon again. / Thomas
Dec 2013 jredmond Another IP trade with Colin. This dude always brings the goods. Fresh IPAs and sours from England?!? Top notch trader - glad we were able to set up the tasting to get the whole crew together. Really great guy too. Highly recommended.
Oct 2013 verbalessence Great guy, really nice trade at Kulminator. Hope you enjoy the beer, Colin. Till next time.
Oct 2013 BelgBeerGeek Had a small IP-trade with Theydon at Kulminator, had a good chat and i’m looking forward to the beers ! Untill next !!
Oct 2013 kraddel very hapy to have traded with him . brought me a rare american stout , negotiationts have gone smoother than butter. awsome
Sep 2013 Abio Did an IP-trade that worked out flawless. Nice guy, bottles good packed, and ofcourse nice brews :) Thank you!
Sep 2013 Countbeer Great guy, funny and awesome trader! Thank you very much for the great beers, which I have been looking for quite a while. We had some small but nice funny chats and a he is one passionate funny person! Hope to see you again some time, maybe at a London tasting! Thanks again!
Sep 2013 kraddel very fast agreemend, solid IP trade @ bierhuyske . good trader !
Aug 2013 Fin Always good to meet up with Colin we did a mini sort of IP trade, Colin left a couple of corkers safely at Craft, Clerkenwell for me, I passed on mine to him at King William IV, Leyton. Thanks ever so much Colin!
Aug 2013 rlgk Quite big and really nice trade with Colin. We met up at GBBF 2013. I brought some swedish micros, and was given great beers from Kernel, Partizan and even a bottle of Cherry Adam from the wood. We also shared quite a few beers during the afternoon at GBBF. All bottles were safely packed. Great guy to trade with and great guy to share beers with! Cheers Colin! :)
Jun 2013 maneliquor IP trade with Colin. Met up at the Cask Pub & Kitchen which was amazing! Best pub I’ve been to so far and can’t thank Colin enough. A great trade which I was lucky to get off Colin. Over delivered by a mile
May 2013 jredmond IP trade with Colin at Gingerman. Great Kernel bottles for some NY/Nj locals. Even better is the company shared over a few pints. Cheers man.
May 2013 jtclockwork Great IP trade with Colin at the Gingerman. Plenty of Kernel and other interesting looking beers. Looking forward to doing it again. Cheers!
May 2013 MaxxDaddy In person trade with Colin during his stopover in NYC. Got some excellent Kernel beers and shared a few beers at Ginger Man. Thanks a bunch! Hope to grab drinks again some time.
Feb 2013 tomer Great little IP trade with Colin in Trafalgar Square. brought some Kernel and Windsor & Eton and the 2005 Fuller’s Vintage. Many thanks and i wish we had more time to talk. Hope to meet and/or trade with you in the future.
Feb 2013 tomer
Feb 2013 tomer Great little IP trade with Colin in Trafalgar Square. brought some K