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Apr 2008 jimbowood was promised a speedway and an old numbskull. I received the aforementioned + three bombers that I’ve never rated as bonuses. Awesome trade. Will do it again anytime.
Apr 2008 tyler_mn I needed some Speedway and Tom hooked me up big time with 2 bottles. Well packed and double wrapped in a huge box that I can only guess housed oranges at one point in time. Bonuses of Smuttynose IPA and Impy. Thanks Tom!
Jan 2008 BuckeyeBoy WOW Tom thanks I got a GREAT box 07DL southern tier jah-va Boris the crusher oatmeal Imperial Stout Stone Coast 840 IIPA Smuttynose---Barleywine, Wheat Wine, and Scotch Ale. This box was packed very well. Thanks again TOM
Aug 2007 bentley78 This extremely generous individual sent me an 07 Dark Lord for a wedding gift! And if that wasn’t enough, a sweet bonus of a bar harbor Cadillac Mountain stout! What a guy! Nothing completes a wedding like an evil beer...
Jul 2007 nflmvp Another face to face trade at DLD. A pleasure, to be sure. Now there are Stout Troopers in my cellar, just waiting to storm the palate. I’m gonna take them on, single handedly.
Jul 2007 MrBendo Tom went to the bottle shop and picked me up a Bar Harbor collection. Cadillac Mtn. Stout, Lighthouse Ale and Thunder Hole ale. Plus he threw in a Geary’s Summer! Super nice guy. Great trade. Lets do it again sometime, Tom.
Jun 2007 puzzl Tom sent me the agreed upon 2007 DL, with a fantastic extra of Bar Harbor Cadillac Mountain Stout, a beer I’ve been searching for for ages. Thanks!
May 2007 thebaldwizard Tom and I agreed to a small trade in which he was to send me a couple bottles of Stoutrooper. He did so, and then bonused me Smuttynose Big Beer Series Scotch Ale, and a Hooker Liberator--two great bonuses. I’m glad we got to meet at DLD, as Tom’s a very cool cat.
Apr 2007 holdenn We met up at dark lord day for this hand to hand trade. Tom threw me twice the agreement as he gives me not just the one but also an extra New England Imperial Stout Trooper. That’s right one bottle and a bonus this great beer. Great trader and a great guy. Thanks Tom!
Feb 2007 goldtwins Tom sent me a Newport Storm Derek and a Brooklyn BCS 06-07 just for the hell not part of a trade. Thanks so much I’ve wanted that beer for a while.

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