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Jun 2013 xpimptastikx I had a trade set up with Baker for some old ass beer. Somethings can up and he was a little bit delayed with the shipping, but he more than made up for it with a few 10+ year old barleywines, including the first bottling of Old Horizontal!
Mar 2013 deftim13 Another epic trade with Baker. Sent some awesome beers for a tasting I had. Super rare CCB and amazing extras. Until next trade Cheers!
Feb 2013 daknole Yeah wavers kicks ass with another box full of gems. Damn right.
Feb 2013 Sarlacc83 Baker threw a T25 at me, and then followed it up with the Fifty/Fifty City Beer Anniversary beer. Excellent, and much appreciated.
Nov 2012 GT One of many trades with baker. Hooked me up big with a T25 for Kentucky Dark Star. Thanks mate!
Aug 2012 Sledutah Damn, baker comes through with what started as a 2 for 2 trade. He sends me 2 Beatifacations, a Pissenlit and a Heretic Worry. Hit this one out of the park. Thanks man!
Jul 2012 trukpro First trade with baker! Awesome local4local trade with very impressive extras!! Packing was perfect. Would definitely trade again!
Jul 2012 deftim13 Another epic trade with Baker. Sent along a much wanted beer. Heard I was doing a stout tasting and threw in a few epic imperial stouts for our tasting as extras. Cheers man, I owe ya!
Jun 2012 honyak4 Made a great trade for some beat5, and got a bunch of extra RR sours as extras. Quite possibly the best packing job I’ve ever seen! Good communication too. I’ll be hitting up wavers in the future.
May 2012 DiabolikDUB Baker threw down the goods. Approached him with an offer and he came through with a counter-offer than was over the top. Fullfilled his side of the trade and more. Great Communication, Great Packaging, Overall Great Guy. Let me know if I can help you again... Cheers!

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