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Oct 2011 pantanap joey hooks me up with some heady topper and asks for nothing in return. what?! thanks dude. hope to see you in cali.
Jul 2011 IrishBoy Joey sent me a couple of Marin Old Dipseas. One BB and one BB (Brett) along with a New England Zapata Bot, all wonderful BA beers! Thanks again Joey!
Jan 2011 tyler_mn Over the past few weeks, Joey sent me two boxes both loaded with NE goodies.. Hill Farmstead, NEBCo and tons more. Thanks man!
Nov 2010 zathrus13 Joey sent me some of his first batch of hot sauce and also included two beers as extras. A New Glarus Alt, and a NE Wet Willy Scotch Ale. The sauce is good, and it is indeed rather hot!! Nice deal all around. I hope we’ll trade again.
Oct 2010 pantanap joey’s one of the best traders and a generous one at that. sent me some russian river as well as some east coast goodies. thanks bud.
Jul 2010 GeneralGao Received a box of four 22oz/750ml bottles unexpectedly from Joey. One bottle each of Russian River Temptation, Russian River Sanctification, Firestone Parabola, and Marin Old Dipsea. I’ll take that kind of surprise any day! Thanks buddy. As usual, I owe you.
Jun 2010 darkguardian When I wanted something NG for my birthday I immediately thought of Joey. And though he was in Cali at the time with no access to NG he made it happen anyways. They arrived just in time for my birthday (Raspberry Tart, Belgian Red and Unplugged Cherry Stout). Joey is the man.
Jun 2010 1FastSTi Traded with Joey for a Marin Old Dipsea Barleywine Bourbon Barrel (brett). Got some extras of Valley Brew Old Inventory BarleyWine and Midnight Sun Meltdown Double IPA. Awesome!
May 2010 pantanap joey is the man...he hooked me up with some goodies from dipsea and a bonus midnight sun. fantastic!
May 2010 blklab2007 another great trade for 6 super ridiculous beers. joey and I have swapped boxes several times now and they just get better each time. we had a trade for 3 beers lined up and he said he was going to pack a 6 slot styro what would I like from the west coast to fill the box!!! Thanks again dude!!!

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