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Jul 2019 Maakun Got a super nice box in the local swap, full of lovely beers, cider, and some ice-cider samples. Awesome trader!
Feb 2019 Andgun87 Received a great box of German beers as part of the latest European Local Swap. Nice selection that catered to my wishes in a bulletproof packaging. Quick and easy communication. Thank you for a great box!
Jan 2019 Nische Late feedback - just before Christmas Stefan provided me with another great package including Flügge, Fraugruber, some fresh hop lagers, funky Austrian cheese and else. As always a delight to open the box and see what's in it. Thanks a lot!
Dec 2018 rouhlas I got a very nice box with German beers (all new for me) and a local cheese (new for me too :D ) from Stefan for Euro local swap 2018-3! Thank you Stefan!!
Aug 2018 Saeglopur Did an IP/mail trade a few months ago. Stefan provided me with hard to get stuff from Franconia. Perfectly packed box and perfect communication. For everyone who doesn't yet know Stefan, I can highly recommend trading and/or having a beer and a chat with him! :-)
Jul 2018 Nische We did a second trade where I got LOADS of Bavarian beers including Franconian lagers, some Fraugruber haze and even some Schneeeule sours. As always, a great pleasure trading and talking with Stefan. Super generous, honest and straightforward.
Jun 2018 herrklemann Yet another local swap. Although he seemed to be quite busy, Stefan arranged to supply me with Bavarian treats. He even bottled a Franconian brew himself. Once everything was collected, shipping was fast as always. Slight hick up because the postal service couldn't care enough not to throw the box, but there's not much Stefan can do about that. Great as always, thank you!
Jun 2018 JulienHuxley Stefan offered to get me a few nice Bavarian lagers if I could pack some Quebec ice ciders for him on my trip to Germany, how could I refuse? He arranged a proxy to handle the swap and everything went super smoothly. Y'all need to get a clue and start trading for lagers - and this guy can hook you up! Thanks!
May 2018 remALUS EU local swap 2018/2: Stefan sent me great box with German (including rare region "Saarland"), Norwegian and Swiss beer. Thanks!
Dec 2017 poech73 Received package from Stefan during Secret Santa 2017. Parcel was well packed and everything was safe. Many interesting beers from Germany, plus some impressives Imperial stout and smokeds. Great to trade with.

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