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Mar 2017 Cunningham Another great box filled with rare goodies from this gentleman. Highly recommendable trader.
Oct 2014 Cunningham Lovely bomb proof box arrived with some rare stuff. Recomendable nice trader!
Mar 2005 jonas Spring 2003 Sigmund sent me a big pack of many different norwegian brews including several bocks - I feel I still owe this man a beer!
Nov 2004 JensenTaster Ok, so Imake a deal with Sigmund; NøgneØ Underlig jul, Nøgne Ø Julenatt and Nøgne Ø God jul. But in adition, he sends me, no less than ten other brews (Aass juleøl, Frydenlund bayerøl, Frydenlund, Juleøl, Ringnes Julebrygg, Ringnes Julebokk, Ringnes Juleøl, Hansa Juleøl, Hansa Juleøl til akevitt, CB Juleøl and Mack Juleøl). Freaking insaing, you made my month, Sigmund and it´s not even x-mas yet.
Oct 2004 JensenTaster Sigmund just made me drop my chin; sending my Mack Bok, Frydenlund Bok, and seven (7) Nøgen Ø: Amber ale, Brown ale, Pale ale, IPA, Bitter, Porter and Oatmeal(havre) stout. Santa Claus does really live in Norway.
Oct 2004 JensenTaster Number one in two shipments; my Aass Bock and Aass Bayer, came in only two days. Very good packing, but my address was written on the tape and had been desolvedalmost into an unreaddable state.