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In 27 years, I’ve drunk fifty thousand beers and they just wash against me like the sea into a pier.
- david berman

Rating Milestones:

1800th Goose Island Bourbon County Neapolitan Stout

1700th Goose Island Bourbon County Stout Rare

1600th Goose Island Bourbon County Ancho Chile Stout

1500th Goose Island Night Stalker

1400th 3 Fonteinen Oude Geuze 1998 (50th Anniversary)

1300th: Founders...
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Burnt City Brewing, ChicagoFlossmoor Station Restaurant & Brewery, FlossmoorGoose Island - USA Brewpubs (AB-Inbev), ChicagoNew Glarus Brewing Company, New GlarusPiece Brewery & Pizzeria, ChicagoPipeworks Brewing Company, ChicagoRock Bottom Chicago, ChicagoThree Floyds Brewing Company, Munster