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Dec 2015 douglas88 Dennis hooks it up again with a great box. Some Straub and other PA beers that I really love. Thanks my friend.
Jan 2014 reggiedunlop Dennis was cool enough to go out of his way and ship me a growler of a PB beer from a brewpub near him. He even threw in some fun extras! very cool dude and trader. cheers!
Sep 2013 douglas88 Dennis sends a great box of two Straub beers that I really wanted and 5 other Burgh locals that I’m happy yo drink. Thanks man! Excellent trade.
May 2010 sloth Nice package from Dennis. Railbender Ale, Church Brew Works Munich Dunkel, Atwater Vanilla Java Porter, Thunderhop IPA and a home brewed cider. Excellent packaging,etc. But the best part of this trade was communicating with Dennis. Another great RB character. Ya gotta love it! Ride hard.
Mar 2010 Probiere cheapdark hooked up me up with an excellent ice cider I’d been seeking, and some sweet local extras besides. Good communication, fast shipping, well-packed. Pleasure to trade with him!
Mar 2010 LilBeerDoctor In a simple, easy trade, Dennis sent me a Clos Saint-Denis Pomme de Glace and bonused a couple of PA locals. Quick trade with great communication. Insane packing too -- first time I ever got a triple-boxed package! Thanks again Dennis!
Feb 2010 Unknown Ha, this guy packages it all too well, which is why I think the package came out at being 22.6 lbs: a lot of wrapping, a lot of stuffing, a lot of tape--good man! Supplied for me exactly what we agreed upon. Thanks, Dennis. I’ll be getting your order out soon enough... only the "cheap stuff", right? I shall abide! ;-] But there shall be no Chili Beer: yuk!
Jul 2009 puzzl Dennis sent me some awesome growlers from East End. Thanks!
Mar 2009 CanIHave4Beers A huge box of beer showed up at my door this morning as I was heading to work, needless to say I was a little late to work. Inside was my much sought after malteser weissbier, along with two new porters (whoot!) along with a wonderful assortment of goodies. The box was so well packaged I could have thown it off my second story porch and I think the beer would have been all right.
Jun 2008 riversideAK Dennis sent a Church Brew Cherry Quadzilla and a Church Brew Thunderhop as extras. Great packaging, enough card board to render the box bulletproof. I will be sending him cheap local brews he has not rated this coming week. Hope you like it man!

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