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Feb 2018 fletchfighters Easy to deal with and great to meet. Lots of stuff I have no access to so really cool to get. Highly suggested.
Mar 2016 MacBoost Yup. Great saison trade with good extras. Loving every minute of it. Thanks, son!
Jul 2015 bhensonb Part 2 of trade feedback: Fiddlehead Hodad; Bronx Pale; Baxter Window Seat; *Convivial Suarez & Brother Soigne; **Dorothy(14 & 15) and Florence.The average ratings of these beers heads for humongous. Great trade/trader. Highly recommended. Packing was over the top.
Jul 2015 bhensonb What to say. Traded based on his offer of Brother Soigne. We settled on 12 beers. He sent more. 2 Grassroots*; 3 Hill Farmsteads**; a real show stopper - Brooklyn "K is for Kriek"; a real rare one - Lawson’s Finest Maple-Barrel Aged Maple Tripple; Southern Tier 2XMAS (with antlers); Barrier Archibald; a never again - Smuttynose Julio’s Ry(e)an Ale; Other Half Equinox;
Jul 2015 tbub18 IP trade in midtown. James was a really easy guy to work with--really good communication throughout. Gave him a 3F kriek for a growler of TH Virgins and Diamonds. Nice extra too. Looking forward to more trades!
Mar 2015 Koelschtrinker IP trade at Ginger Man, NYC. James brought me some pretty nice stuff from Hill Farmstead and Grassroots beside other stuff I already enjoyed. He gave me also some nice recomendations where to go in NYC - thanks!
Dec 2014 emacgee This was my first trade with James and I can’t wait for the next! Excellent and regular communication and very easy to work with. We hammered out a trade (HF Dorothy and Convivial Suarez, Tired Hands Guillemot, Shirling, and Something that Grows, 3F Intense Red, and Alpine Duet. Bonuses an ice cider, Toppling Goliath Golden Nugget, and HF Limoncello IPA. Can’t wait til next time!
Nov 2014 MartinVanBeer James is an excellent trader. He include a couple of really great extras, including a three floyds brew that I really wanted! Good communication, good packaging, and I hope to trade with him more in the future!
Oct 2014 Stine Excellent box from James. Double boxed in the same box I sent him - a true environmentalist. Thanks for the great extras man, looking forward to our next one.
Oct 2014 ericdevin Has the goods, very pleased with trade and extras, took a little long to ship, but GABF is a pretty good excuse ;) Seriously, though, would trade with James again and no hesitation in recommending him, great communication and attitude all around.

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