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Jun 2015 5000 Another big ole box of beer from Bob. Lots of mid-west goodies, namely some hard to get New Glarus and Surly, plus lots of locals. Thanks Bob!!!
Jun 2014 AirForceHops My third trade with Bob. He answered my call for a Stone 08-08-08 I was looking for to complete my sampling of that series, he also sent Boom Island beers from his neck of the woods. It’s a joy to get his box of beer on my door step. Top notch trader, like always.
Mar 2014 5000 I think both Bob and I sent the largest (or most amount of beers at once). Received 2 12 shippers with I think at least 25 or 26 beers. Too many to list, all great Midwest stuff that I would never get had it not been for Bob. Great communication and packaging. Its like Christmas every time. I love it! Thanks Bob!
Mar 2014 AirForceHops Bob sent me more styles that I really enjoy on trade 2. Plus he found one on my wish list. A few nice extras and another top notch overall trade. Can’t wait to dive into these!
Feb 2014 AirForceHops Bob sent me an email stating he wanted to try a few new brews from my state. In return he sent me beers from his neck of the woods in styles he knew I would enjoy. And he sent a few nice extras I wasn’t expecting. I would never hesitate to trade with this man. I look forward to another any time!
Dec 2013 5000 Another stand out box from Bob, lots of new Pumpkins (over half a dozen), along with several mid-west goodies, including a hard to get Goose Island brew. Always exciting to open boxes from Bob. SCHWING! Thanks Bob!
Sep 2013 5000 Bob hit it out of the park again, packed well enough to survive floods, fire, earthquakes, or the apocalypse! Many brews from Surly, New Glarus gems, and Black Husky, as well as some new WI brews from smaller breweries. No only is Bob one of the best admins, I can call him one of the best Midwestern traders! Thanks a ton Bob!
Jul 2013 5000 Another fantastic trade with Bob. Tons of Oso, Olvalde, Great Dane, New Glarus, Surly, Schell, and most importantly some from Toppling Goliath. Can’t say enough good things about Bob. I can say we are already working on our next trade. Thanks a million for the awesome box Bob!
Mar 2013 Papsoe Bob came through big time with an amazing box - once again. Some Surly goodness and then spiced up with big beers from small local breweries + a handful of rarely seen cans. A perfect mix - just the way I like it. Thanks my friend!
Dec 2012 5000 Another awesome mid-west box from Bob, containing several from New Glarus, Clown Shoes, Grand Teton, Point, Williamsburg, Horny Goat (the last three pumpkins I really wanted), several from Surlyl, Brua Brothers, and a Rhubarb brew (should be interesting) from Olvalde. Couldn’t be happier. Thanks Bob!

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