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After making my bones on Keystone Light, Bud, and a certain brew we call the Golden Nectar in my neck of the woods (The Utica Club), I have since begun to explore the wide world of beer. A four-month Wanderlust through Europe accounts for the thirst to try more beers.

I live in London and run a website called The London Beer Guide. Check it out at If you have any questions about the beer scene in town, feel free to drop me a BeerMail or give a shout ...
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Beavertown Brewery (Heineken), Tottenham HaleBrew By Numbers, GreenwichCantillon, BrusselsHackney Church Brew Co. (Prev St John at Hackney Brewery), HackneyHill Farmstead Brewery, GreensboroPressure Drop Brewing, Tottenham HaleThe Kernel Brewery, BermondseyThe Referend Bier Blendery, Kutztown