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Oct 2008 northernbrews What can I say besides holly shit! Jeppe, Mikkel, and Casper met me at Dark Horse for a few pints and to trade some beers. It started as a small trade, but I wound up getting my most sought after beers. J&J Blauw, J&J Roze, Blaeber, Selection Lambic 99, Hommage, De Cam Kriek and he threw in a 3 extras: Fontinen Doesjel and a few Alpha Kings fresh from 3 Floyds. I’m still in shock I got all th
Aug 2008 ggaughan I just came back from a visit to Copenhagen and a visit to Jeppe and his great bottle shop, Olbutikken. We setup a great in person trade and damn if Jeppe did not hook me up! I brought him some Russian River and Lost Abbey bottles (courtesy of an international shipment from krkearn). Jeppe hooked me up with a great selection of Danish and other beers from his shop! I wish I could have brought more
Aug 2008 pantanap jeppe is an awesome dude. period. he brings back some bottles from denmark and ships them to me from NY on his recent visit to the stated. couldn’t ask for anything more. pleasure to have you over as well for that tasting!
Jul 2008 footy Person to person trade with Jeppe at his store, Olbutikken, which he was gracious enough to open on his day off. Jeppe was incredibly generous as I recieved a [email protected] Blauw, some hard to get Struise, some even harder to get Mikkeler, A great Danish smoke beer and a Cantillon Blaeber Lambic which I stupidly left behind. Despite the one left beer I still was overly blessed byJeppe.Incredible Trade!
Feb 2008 jbrus Well with these beers it’s almost the same to me :) Nekron Stout, Epic Stout, 100 Gramm IPA, Mikkeller Santas Little Helper 2007, North Bridge Extreme, Ten Fidy and Port Brewing Santas Little Helper.
Nov 2007 JohnC A great selection from 3 Fonteinen, Cantillon, Nogne O, Pannepot & Nynäshamns arrived today. Great trade. Thanks
Aug 2007 JCapriotti Jeppe and i had been talking about a trade for a while. It finally went through! He kept me happy with some of Europe’s finest... including, but not limited to Belle-Vue Selection Lambic, Pannepot Reserva, Struise Aardmonnik, Amager Hr. Frederiksen, and a few others. Great trader!
May 2007 Schroppfy I had a colleague traveling to Copenhage. I asked Jeppe about the availability of Cantillon Blåbær Lambik, and we worked out a nice little handoff; I received one of the Blåbær and one Belle-Vue Selection Lambic. Great little bombproof package. Thanks so much, Jeppe!
Apr 2007 cquiroga What can I say? The new daddy brought a worthy follow-up to a legendary precedent. Eylenbosch Framb. Cuvee, Mort Subite & De Cam Oude Krieks, Cantillon Blåbær Lambik, Mikkeller X Impy Stout/Black Hole/Hummlefryyyd, Ølfabrikken Gammel Ekstra/Winter Stout, Tuverbol, Wiibroe Porter Impy, and Emersons Pils! Packaging, communication-- perfect. I’m humbled and forever grateful. Round 3 next!?
Aug 2006 cquiroga Craziest. Trade. Ever. After several months of planning and adding to the trade: 7 rare lambics (Cantillon Jonge Cognac, Bourgogne, 3F J & J Blauw, Roze, Millennium, Vintage ’02, Belle-Vue Selection) and 5 other gems (Mikkeller Beer Geek Draft, X Big Tony, Big Bad Barleywine, Olfabrikken OL, and Bauer Gose). WOW. Unbelieveable beers, excellent communication, great guy to work with. Cheers!

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