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These are the best beers you can find in this region's stores and restaurants based on the availability information provided by RateBeerians in this area. A beer has to have 5 or more ratings to be listed here.

1Tilquin Oude Quetsche à l'AncienneGueuzerie Tilquin655100
2Tilquin Oude Quetsche à l'Ancienne avec Prunes de NamurGueuzerie Tilquin27399
3Fuller's London Porter (Bottle/Keg)Fuller's Brewery (Asahi)309499
43 Fonteinen Oude KriekBrouwerij 3 Fonteinen116299
5Evil Twin Aún Más Chili JesúsEvil Twin Brewing16599
6Trzech Kumpli AmokBrowar Trzech Kumpli12699
7Trzech Kumpli MistyBrowar Trzech Kumpli35898
8Evil Twin Irish-ish Coffee StoutEvil Twin Brewing10998
9Mikkeller / Boon Oude Geuze (Vermouth)Mikkeller8498
10Trzech Kumpli TauraBrowar Trzech Kumpli14198
11Zagovor SmaltiZagovor Brewery1897
12Zagovor Algorithm CoconutZagovor Brewery2197
13Zagovor Decontrol: Hazelnut SpreadZagovor Brewery1197
14Zagovor / De Molen / Pühaste BreakwaterZagovor Brewery3197
15Emelisse Espresso StoutBrouwerij Emelisse65697
16Kabinet 02 Kolaboracija (Caramel Stout)Kabinet Brewery7397
17Mort Subite Oude KriekMort Subite (Alken-Maes - Heineken)28597
18Omnipollo PleromaOmnipollo17596
19AF Brew Lobotomy³ (2019)AF Brew1096
20Zagovor Decontrol: Marshmallow & VanillaZagovor Brewery1396
21Trzech Kumpli PiaBrowar Trzech Kumpli12396
22Préaris Grand Cru 2015 (Grand Marnier BA)Vliegende Paard Brouwers6996
23Midnight Project ERIS vs Coconut & VanillaMidnight Project1596
24Zagovor / De Moersleutel Heavy Black MondayZagovor Brewery1395
25AF Brew / Wild Lab Ol' Filthy Popcorn PimpAF Brew1995


1Midnight Project ERIS vs Coconut & VanillaMidnight Project1596
2Midnight Project Planet TrES-2bMidnight Project1595
3TRYE Beer TsmokTRYE Beer - OOO Kraftovaya Pivovarnya3295
4Midnight Project ERIS vs NagaMidnight Project2090
5Midnight Project ERIS vs Naga & ChocolateMidnight Project1190
6Bierbank Barley WineBierbank986
7Bierbank StoutBierbank1776
8Bierbank IPABierbank1374
9TRYE Beer ZnichTRYE Beer - OOO Kraftovaya Pivovarnya1768
10Lidskoe Master's Collection Imperial PorterLidskoe Pivo (Olvi)1758
11TRYE Beer Khmelishcha IPATRYE Beer - OOO Kraftovaya Pivovarnya2052
12Midnight Project / Mikkeller / Selfmade Brewery ZhigulikkellerMidnight Project1448
13Bierbank Black IPABierbank1647
14TRYE Beer ChaborTRYE Beer - OOO Kraftovaya Pivovarnya1646
15TRYE Beer ZhytsenTRYE Beer - OOO Kraftovaya Pivovarnya3345
16Krinitsa Pivnaya Karta Mosaic IPAKrinitsa1544
17TRYE Beer VaukalakTRYE Beer - OOO Kraftovaya Pivovarnya944
18Krinitsa Porter 8/20Krinitsa3141
19Mad Frog Deep Irish Red AleMad Frog Brewery1041
20Lidskoe Master's Collection American Black AleLidskoe Pivo (Olvi)936
21TRYE Beer KrumkachTRYE Beer - OOO Kraftovaya Pivovarnya3035
22Krutovar Zbiten Po-MozyrskiMozyrPivo1134
23TRYE Beer PramenTRYE Beer - OOO Kraftovaya Pivovarnya930
24Krinitsa Kult WeißbierKrinitsa10130
25Lidskoe Master's Collection India Pale Ale / IPALidskoe Pivo (Olvi)2229

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