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“Brauhaus with three regulars and one seasonal beer. I’m not a fan of braunbier, but this one was decent for the style. The Helles, Schwarzbier and seasonal Bock were all pretty good. Friendly service. The place itself has a good vibe to it with part industrial building and part dark brown interior and brick walls. More seating is available upstairs if needed.“
Rasmus40 139 days ago
“I went out of the way to manage to get to this shop before it closed in the evening and this turned out to be a futile endeavor. I did manage to get to it but it wasn't worth it. It's just a regular German getraenkemarkt, albeit smaller than most and with a smaller selection. Absolutely nothing local beerwise. Literally nothing. The presence of this store here on RB is an undeserved privilege.“
ElDesmadre 948 days ago
“Brauhaus place with about 5 beers on tap, plus a few bottles. Good service, good ambiance and food. There is an outside place to do beer garden.“
efeesse 1303 days ago
“Stayed in the Brauhaus for two nights, 8th and 9th Aug 2018. Obviously popped into the pub for a nose around and a beer or two, well three actually, because that's all they had on offer. Busy beer garden out the back, modern but very 'German' brewpub inside. Service was fine and so were the beers.“
BlackHaddock 2026 days ago
54 /100 FINKENHERD 6
“Popped in on 9th Aug 2018. Think the place has changed it's name, but it's the same place others have reviewed. Prices seem to have calmed down since the last rating. Anyway the beers are up on the left as you walk in, not a huge selection but interesting to me, a travelling Brit. The wife bought a fridge magnet and I grabbed a Gose Dunkel. Check the fridge if you visit, they had cold bottles of beer that were not actually on the shelves.“
BlackHaddock 2026 days ago
“Popped in on 8th Aug 2018 before booking into the Brauhaus. Great selection of both local and national beers, full shelving of 'craft' bottles too. Good prices and easy to navigate around. Came away with more bottles than I intended too.“
BlackHaddock 2034 days ago
“Nice cosy Brauhaus in the heart of Quedlinburg. Quite crowded biergarten. 3 beers on tap plus 1 saisonal. The Schwarzbier is really food. Also the food is quit good. Best (and only) place to go in Quedlinburg.“
dunklermessias 2044 days ago
“Visited some time ago with Jay on a visit to Quedlinburg and the Harz Mountains. More modern than I was expecting, considering the exterior, but very pleasant. Importantly, got to try their fantastic schwarzbier here.“
ads135 2402 days ago
62 /100 FINKENHERD 6
“This place has expanded their beer selection quite a bit since the early ratings here. They now have a nice selection of fairly common international beers and they have added a few more locals from Eckart as well. They even had three beers from Smuttynose at my visit including two that I had not previously had. They don’t accept Visa, so make sure to bring plenty of cash or another credit card. Don’t expect the staff to know anything about the beers.“
Rasmus40 2519 days ago
“If you find yourself in need of regional ticks on a trip to this part of the Harz, this is a good place to stop. I came away with 20 new regional beers, and I could have taken much more had I taken some of the Bavarian stuff as well. Don’t go out of your way for this, but if you are staying in town, like I was, or passing through you might as well stop by here and stock up. As I had visited the Quelle in Ilsenburg earlier in the day there were only a few new beers for me, but if I had gone here first it would have been the other way around. The service was slow and not very attentive.“
Rasmus40 2519 days ago
“Nur 2+1 Sorte Bier???!!!“
Michael27 2581 days ago
“Nice enough brewpub, good service. Beers OK (liked the schwarz, others too sweet for me).“
fbs_ 3001 days ago
“Located a few minutes’ drive from the centre of Quedlinburg, this spacious beverage store has an impressive selection of beers for a place of its kind. Treasure hunters may be disappointed, but the 150+ bottles of local, regional and national brews will certainly offer you an opportunity to stock up on ticks, unless you have rated hundreds of German beers from each Bundesland already. Good service and amazingly low prices. I left the place with 18 bottles, having paid less 12 euro. Will gladly be back again one day.“
Bamsen78 3060 days ago
“Located off the historic Old Town of Quendlinburg, this place looks like an ordinary beverage store. However, the selection is more impressive than the usual German standard, as apart from the usual macros available everywhere in the country, there is a number of local beers. Friendly staff and low prices. A good place to stop by and search for local rarities.“
Bamsen78 3063 days ago
52 /100 FINKENHERD 6
“Located a few minutes’ walk off the Markt, this venue is a food and souvenir curiosity shop selling various items made in the region. There are several Wippraer beers available as well as the classic Gose from goslarer Brauhaus. The beer is quite expensive, though, so I would recommend trying to get hold of it somewhere else. Friendly staff.“
Bamsen78 3063 days ago
“Located in the Old Town of the beautiful Quedlinburg, this modern and stylish but cozy brewpub is the only place of its kind in the city. The selection, four different brews made on location, is reasonable, given that it is a brewpub. Friendly staff. Decent food. Not as cheap as similar places in Germany but definitely worth a visit, especially for the fabulous Schwarzbier.“
Bamsen78 3063 days ago
“Nice brewpub, worth a visit. lots of place inside. had their helles (nothing special) and their "famous" schwarz, which was worth the detour to Quedlinburg.“
rauchbierlover 3171 days ago
“Visited in late November after a trip up the Hartz mountain and situated 15 mins from the Hbf. This is a high roofed single roomed barn like place. It was really busy but managed to get a seat quickly. Tragedy struck as they had run out of haxe. 3 beers on, avoid the Pubarschknall, it’s a really sweet malt beer, other 2 on offer were decent. Nice place.“
WingmanWillis 3351 days ago
“So we found already around 50 new beers in the other Quedlinburger bottle shop and didn’t expect a lot from this one. But again: 40 something new beers, totally different from what we found before. Mainly local beers from the county plus some specials. The owner was extremly nice and friendly - she even sells regional honey and selfmade sausages, meat conserves etc from her own farm for a reasonable price. The beer prices were low and we even got a glass and a piece of chalk for our daughter - great service!“
Reminyze 3610 days ago
“This brewpub is located in a small street which is easy reachable through the marketplace of Quedlinburg. It is very comfy and full of atmosphere in the inside, yet the service was little bit stressed and unpersonal. The beers were nice although there were no seasonals on tap and they also haven’t had any bottled beers at that very day. What a pity. Would come back.“
Reminyze 3610 days ago
46 /100 FINKENHERD 6
“Despite my ratings score I actually liked this place. It is a cozy little room filled with mustard,schnapps and beer. Well, I prefer the beer part. It had a chili beer, several beers in 1 l bottles of Wippra (plus Wippraer Cascade and Wipprator in 0.75l) and the Goslarer Gose. The service was friendly although little bit "silly" (tried to explain in a awful way why Wippraer Cascade costs 24.90 Euro for 0.75 l "Cascade is an American hop art and because it has to be imported it is that expensive - yes, and the brewmaster of Wippra controls every single bottle - blablabla) - when I wanted to pay my beers (3 Wippraer and 1 Goslarer Gose) she came back to me like "did I tell you the special things about Gose?" and I just felt like rolling my eyes ;-) nevertheless, there were some special Wippraer beers available which I found nowhere else (plus the Gose) - so it is worth a visit. Prices were very bad: 24.90 EUR for the Cascade, around 5 to 6 Euro for every Wippraer beer without the bottle deposit (plus 1.50), 2 Euro for the Gose.... Would go there again - but only for cashing in the deposit.“
Reminyze 3611 days ago
“This bottle shop is located at the outside region of Quedlinburg, around 5 driving minutes away from the city center. The selection is very big and outstanding, starts with very local ones, then goes on with regional and overregional ones. We found around 50+ single bottles and the woman at the cash desk was still very nice and friendly with all that single scanning and we even got a free glass. The prices are very fair and low - I would recommend this bottle shop anytime.“
Reminyze 3611 days ago
“Visited the Ludde Brau on a tour of the Harz region in early 2011. Just the 2 beers available on my visit, no seasonal offerings. These were in the form of a Pils and a Dunkels. both were in good order. The pub itself is in a large 2 tier building with an ornate wooden arched roof, almost akin to a ’Brunelian’ railway shed. The food was excellent, large ’Haxe mit Saurkraut washed down with the excellent dunkels. accomodation (20 rooms perhaps?) avaialble in the adjoining hotel - good vfm and an excellent buffet breakfast. Quedlinburg is on the Harz mountain railway (narrow guage steam), which we used to depart the next morning having arrived on a main line DB train. “
Theydon_Bois 4089 days ago
“A brewpub in part of the old town brewery. Part of the remainder has been made into a very nice hotel. Ideal location! Quedlinburg is a UNESCO town and has steam trains running into the nearby Harz mountains“
steamfreak 5123 days ago
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