Beer Industry Question???

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beers 1004 º places 41 º 07:20 Thu 4/4/2013

There are some industries out there where a smart person can enter with the reality based hope of getting rich. The brewing industry is not one of them. If you love beer and want to surround yourself with others that feel the same, the brewing industry can be a great place. Smart, motivated people can make an honest living doing what they love and, if they play their cards right, and the stars align, a small fortune can be made. If not, youíve spent your career doing what you love and got paid to do it.

The wrong people getting into the craft brewing industry for the wrong reasons is the number one thing that worries me about the future of this industry.

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I donít know if Iíve ever really seen a person in the beer industry who wasnít happy. Poor? A bit stressed sometimes? But nobody Iíve ever seen in this business complains about having to get up and go to work on Monday morning.

Erwayís right - there isnít much money but if you love beer youíll love the brewing business. Thereís just a lot of smiling people in the craft beer biz.

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In 8 years I have dealt with over 15 different "Reps" from the same brewery, itís entry level for the young hungry beer people and they move on quickly, just not sure to where, Iíve never seen them again.