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14:37 Tue 3/6/2012

I just purchased a brandy barrel. Iím in the talks for purchasing a rum barrel. I figured since itís free beer week... why not have a little fun. This is a contest for homebrew. Iím looking for the best beer idea to go in the brandy barrel. My plan is to first age a ícleaní beer (non-sour) then make it a sour barrel.

So, include 2 suggestions: 1 clean beer, 1 sour beer. Be creative, Iím looking for wild ideas here. There is a possibility of 2 winners here, 1 clean, 1 sour winner. Or one person could win both categories.
Winner(s) will receive a handful of large format bottles of the homebrew and a handful of locals.


14:39 Tue 3/6/2012

This is open for anybody. 1 clean guess and 1 sour guess per person.

beers 1469 º places 57 º 14:40 Tue 3/6/2012

brandy barrel smoked double bock; no idea on the sour

beers 12 º 14:41 Tue 3/6/2012

Let me refine that...
Clean: Belgian Barleywine, so it would be BBBB; Brandy Barrel Belgian Barleywine.

Sour: Quad with cherries.

beers 2453 º places 227 º 14:44 Tue 3/6/2012

Barrel Aged Malt Liquor.
Berliner Weisse with Cranberries and Blueberries.

beers 1550 º places 115 º 14:44 Tue 3/6/2012

Clean: biere de garde
Sour: Key Lime Pie (blonde sour with key lime, touch of lactose, and toasted coconut)

14:45 Tue 3/6/2012

Ouch I think Iím gonna have to buy multiple brandy barrels and declare more than one winner. Some of these are great

beers 1208 º places 80 º 14:45 Tue 3/6/2012

Brandy Barrel: Lightly Spiced (Cinnamon come to mind) American Strong Ale (in the vein of Dogfish Head Palo Santo Marron)

beers 5441 º places 209 º 14:46 Tue 3/6/2012

Clean: Brandy Barrel Buckwheat Braggot
Dirty/ Sour: Tart Cherry Brandy Barrel Sour old ale

beers 907 º 14:47 Tue 3/6/2012

Clean: Imperial sweet stout with sour cherries
Sour: Lambic grist (turbid mash if youíre up for the effort) with Cabernet grapes and/or blackberries.

Iím thinking the sour will soak up some color from the imperial stout to make it slightly darker to begin with, plus the addition of fruit to add color and flavor.

beers 3336 º places 108 º 14:53 Tue 3/6/2012

Clean: Brandy Barrel Wheat Wine

Sour: Berliner Weisse with Persimmons

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