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Beer Trade

Beer trading and bartering (no selling!).

ISO: HF Sue FT: BA Dorothy + cantillon
ISO: Vintage Orval FT: Trillium, Treehouse, MA beers
FT Belgian Lambic
FT: 50N B2 ISO: Arthur Blue Label
FT: Tired Hands Oblivex crowler, ISO: other hops
IP in NYC June25th to July2nd
FT: Cloudwater x Other Half ’Tremendous Ideas’ colab IIPA amongst others...
ISO: BA Vanilla Shake b1, Vig, St Lam, LPG, LPK, Bokkreyder,30N, OGV ’08, Framboos ’11 FT:
FT: Vintage beers ISO: Something tasty
FT: Cantillon Cognac Lambic ISO: Vin Jaune / Le Vie Est Belge +
ISO: vintage Orval. FT: MA beers (Trillium, Treehouse, Night Shift...)
European local swap 2/2017 - Pairings & Hauls
IP at Blåbær release July 5th Copenhagen / ISO: US beers, FT: lambics/European beers
ISO: Any 3L RR, FT: HF Flora, Norma, Vera Mae 3:1
FT: Haze & Bright w/citra ISO: Green & Doppelganger
ISO: JCN or Blauw FT: D6 + Voodoo Barrel Room 5
FT: Cantillon, WarPigs etc. ISO: US stouts, BW, saisons
ISO: Heady Topper & Canned VT Beers FT: List
FT: Gibraltar beer ISO: Unrated country
ISO: BA Vanilla Shake 2017 / FT: BA 17 +Darklord 17
ISO: Heerengeuze or Zenne; FT: A&T, EoC, +
FT- Bruery Partridge in a Pear Tree
ISO: DB Vanilla Raredos / FT: Inside
ISO: 2017 DL Muerte or Ronaldo
FT: Hunahpu’s 16’, Sucaba 15’, BCBW 14’, etc. ISO: Cantillon, 3F
FT: Prop, BCBS 16, Parabola ’14 ISO: Shelf Loons

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