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Aug 7, 2020 weihenweizen mansquito Great trade. This time the box was bomb proof. Everything I asked for. Great communication. Hopefully we can do another some time.
Aug 7, 2020 minutemat Taboada Always a pleasure to organise a trade with Alex. Great communication and always takes good care to select requested styles!
Aug 5, 2020 anstei omhper I can only agree with what all the others already wrote: Per puts together amazing boxes with rare beer styles, old and new breweries, and all of top quality. Highly recommended trader!
Jul 27, 2020 snowcrash000 Cuso The first box Cuso sent me for the Euro Swap 2/20 was returned because of damages, but he promptly sent another box containing a nice selection of 10 beers, with a good mix of styles, including two chili beers, one of my favorites. It's a shame that the bottle of Sahti that broke in the first box was irreplaceable, but he offered to reserve a bottle of the next batch for me for a future trade.
Jul 25, 2020 HuskerTan JStax Probably not a big deal, but felt obliged to leave some more feedback on another IP trade. Asked Jeremy for a couple meads and he got me exactly what I wanted and a number of extras! Was super flexible with plan changes during COVID. I really enjoy trading and drinking with this guy!
Jul 24, 2020 BeardedAvenger Koelschtrinker Euro swap 2/2020, I think. Good selection of beers in the styles I was after.
Jul 24, 2020 mansquito weihenweizen Another great trade. I got mostly WV ticks in exchange to a selection of beer I purchased in NY beer stores following his request. Packing and communication was all perfect.
Jul 24, 2020 weihenweizen mansquito Another great trade including cellar wants. Nice IPAs including Other Half. Nice variety of beers and has no problem seeking out what I am most interested in.
Jul 24, 2020 VastActiv snowcrash000 Got box of beer from Snowcrash via Euro Local Swap 2/2020. Versatile selection of quality German beers and finally last "german county tick and style tick for me! Well packed box.
Jul 24, 2020 Cuso dantomlinson Recommended trader this guy, quick communication, excellent selction of very local beers, quick delivery. Any time again.
Jul 24, 2020 dantomlinson Cuso Another private trade done with Imro. Great selection of beers and good communication. Highly recommend
Jul 21, 2020 Marko poech73 While bpost's ineptitude or corruption forced Laurent to send a second package after the first one was lost or "lost" by them, he made the wait more than worth it with a fantastic box, very well packed, containing a wide variety of Belgians - Tartaruga, De La Senne, Ca brasse pour moi, Bastard Brewers, LaM-U, Novabirra, BBP, a couple of great Tilquins, a barrel aged Chimay and a Lamb
Jul 16, 2020 Koelschtrinker Hermod EU local swap 2/20 Received a large hoppy package from Finland with a large brewery variety plus some sweets as extra. Thanks!
Jul 16, 2020 martjoobolut MonsterMagnet Euro Local Swap 2/2020. Great package with interesting local beers and bunch of nice homebrews. Good communication and fast delivery. Great trader!
Jul 14, 2020 Taboada rauchbierlover Received another excelent box from Paolo. Full of interesting beers, covering my wishes. Nice selection. Also added a glass from one of the local breweries, a perfect addition for my breweriana collection. Smooth communication. Thank you so much!
Jul 8, 2020 omhper martjoobolut Mart was my trading partner for Euro Local swap. He sent me a well packed box filled with nice beers from small Estonian breweries, even including two handbottled koduõlu. Thanks a lot, really appreciate it :-D
Jul 8, 2020 Cuso TomHendriksen I received Nice box as part of Euro Local swap. Almost all breweries are unknown to me. Lot of beers with few or no ratings, my favorite styles. Recommended trader.
Jul 8, 2020 JefVerstraete japppp I received a nice box with Finnish beers from Jappp, as part of the European Local Swap. Very well packed, very fast service, from Finland to Belgium in only 3 days. Thanks a lot!
Jul 1, 2020 Hermod JefVerstraete Received an awesome box from Jef during Euro Swap 2/2020. New breweries, awesome imperial stouts and couple of big bottle beauties. Very pleased, well recommended trader! Thanks again!
Jul 1, 2020 Mallorn Wendigo Wendigo sent me a delightful box for the EU Local swap in june 2020. Very well packed and fast delivery using GLS. Recommended trader! Thanks!