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Feb 26, 2020 Wendigo Taboada Alex sent me generous selection of spain beers in Euro local swap 01/2020 event. Easy communication, durable packing. High recommended trader. Many thanks.
Feb 25, 2020 Erzengel martjoobolut Mart was my partner in the EU local swap. I received 14 fantastic beers and 3 great Estonian cheeses. Thank you so much!!
Feb 24, 2020 Cuso Erzengel Gabriel was my sender in euro swap 1/2020. Ful crate of Luxembourg beers arrived. Smooth communicaton, good range of beer, including 3 Gulpener bocks. Recommended trader.
Feb 22, 2020 Grumbo Nisse666 Just received my 6th big box from Thomas. A mix of Finnish and Swedish beers plus some extra samples of “Swedish Gold”. Your box will be off soon my friend, once I know if I can get this extra “surprise”!
Feb 22, 2020 Grumbo MarkoNm Our latest trade completed. Received a great box of Balkan beers to my exact request with some from Bosnia, N.Macedonia and Croatian plus some new Slovenian breweries. Marko is a trusted and long standing trading partner.
Feb 21, 2020 rauchbierlover Cuso Another 1:1 trade, another amazing box with Slovakian beers. Communication went smooth and fast. Imro included some rare beer and nice traditional lagers as per my request. Always top!
Feb 19, 2020 Whatup14 GlasgowTAD Trade feedback from Clownoisseur. Tad reached out with my ISO, and we worked out a small expansion. Great communication, excellent packaging, and the fastest box ever to arrive from the UK! Would happily trade again, cheers!
Feb 19, 2020 rosenbergh Mallorn Received a big box of well packed Dutch and American beers from Ivo. Amazing selection of high quality Imperial Stouts and Double IPAs reflecting my favorite styles. Het Uiltje beer glass and a bunch of coasters included too. A nice guy and a great trading partner. Thanks Ivo!
Feb 17, 2020 MarkoNm Grumbo Another fine box of UK beers and some new countries as well.
Feb 17, 2020 SinH4 rosenbergh EuroSwap 01/2020. Got a tightly packed box with lots of Finnish goodies that look interesting, and nice additions of beer coasters and sweets/liquorice. Great trade as always!
Feb 15, 2020 Marko VsXsV A generous, great trader, in person or through mail. Vik's the man!
Feb 15, 2020 Marko MacBoost Boost has sent many a package my way just out of his pure generosity my way, all coming here perfectly, including, when the post service (most likely Croatian) lost a package for a couple of months, sending another one! In the end, both arrived at my place. Boost FTW!
Feb 15, 2020 Marko Gurthnar After I asked him if he could get some Slovak bottled craft beers, Peter carried several Unorthodox beers from Bratislava to Prague for an in-person trade of sorts - top guy, as always! :D
Feb 15, 2020 Marko wchesser WeldWerks DDH Juicy Bits and Crooked Stave Double Nelson brought fresh from the US, with New Glarus Belgian Red, which was low-key on my wants "list" for ages, without asking anything in return. Provided him with a pretty... special beer to share with as many people as possible. Another great RB trader!
Feb 15, 2020 Marko midovark Márk was more than generous in our impromptu in-person trade at a Prague beer fest - some rare stuff from Monyo, First, Reczer and other breweries, with bonuses. A great guy and a great trader!
Feb 13, 2020 martjoobolut Koelschtrinker Euroswap 2020/1 feedback. Really excellent box. Roman sent me 10 samples of local meads + bunch of beers (new brewery ticks and just random goodness). Excellent trader and also just a nice guy to share some beers with :)
Feb 12, 2020 rhoihessegold japppp EuroSwap 01/2020 partner. I received a well packed box of 12 beers across many different styles.Great selection of classics and modern brews. Some snacks. Thanks a lot Jussi!
Feb 11, 2020 dunklermessias Cuso Cuso wasmy pale at the Euro local swap 01/2020. Received a secured packed box with a nice selection of Sklovakian Brewerys and different styles. Thumbs up! My pleasure!
Feb 11, 2020 Taboada simontomlinson Received a full package as part of the EU Local Swap 1/2020. Local breweries and a couple of Top-UK beers. As requested. Great communication. Easy trading.
Feb 11, 2020 rosenbergh Beerhunter111 As part of European Local Swap 1/2020 I received a big box of German, Portuguese, Dutch and Luxembourger beers. All well packed and in top shape. Thanks Hans Peter!