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Feb 20, 2021 Cuso Taboada Box full of 15 beers from small local breweries, most of them never heard about. Perfect and easy communication, excellent slection, quick delivery. Thanks a lot, man. Any time again.
Feb 12, 2021 MacBoost brokensail Great trade. I send one off 3 Fonteinen lambic, he sends shelf turds. Would trade again anytime! A+
Feb 12, 2021 brokensail MacBoost Sent me some lambic for rotten old saisons. Threw in some Other Half beers and some of his kids' candy as a bonus. Always a pleasure.
Feb 3, 2021 Grumbo reidyboy Pleased to have been Simon's first RB postal trade partner - a small local/regional trade. Great comms. I'm hoping we'll trade again in the future. Cheers!
Feb 1, 2021 MarkoNm Nisse666 Received a fine box of Swedish delicacies for Thomas. Took some time, but it was a holiday season. Well packed, well chosen and a fine trade.
Jan 27, 2021 AssKicker rauchbierlover Trade made during Euro Secret Santa 2020. Great selection of beers with a lot of news breweries for me, that's cool ! Solid package, nice letter and some goodies, a very good experience for my first trade ever ! :)
Jan 21, 2021 midovark Cuso Imro was very thorough and careful when picking the beers for me. He sought out the styles (and specific breweries!) I asked for. Safely packed box, smooth and easy communication: top-notch trader. Thanks again for the amazing package and cheers!
Jan 18, 2021 Cuso midovark Today I received amazing box from this guy. Nice lineup of 10 beerswith several style, among others 4 top Monyo beers including Franky Four Fingers (limited release to 2000 bottles) and Hungarian Terroir: Villány - Spontan Merlot 2018. Recommended trader. Any time again, Mark. Thanks for nice box.
Jan 12, 2021 dunklermessias markoijelena Privat trade and would call it a perfect trade! AWESOME selection. Thanks you very, very much!
Jan 10, 2021 jbruner daalamar Got a box from daalamar as part of the 2020 Holiday Exchange in the trade forum. Packed well, shipped fast, would happily trade with him again!
Jan 10, 2021 jbruner mansquito Got a box from Roman as part of the 2020 Holiday Exchange in the trade forum. Packed well, shipped fast, would happily trade with mansquito again!
Jan 6, 2021 Nisse666 MarkoNm Marko have studied the craftsmenship of wrapping a box bomb proof. Great selection of Slovenian brews, many new local breweries, dark ones and 2 honey Ales - yummy. Easy communication, a bit long shipping time but on the other hand several red days. Many thx again for great job done - and many thx for your efforts/ Cheers Mate!
Jan 2, 2021 omhper Wendigo Wendigo was my Secret Santa 2020. He fulfilled all my wishes, sending traditional and modern Slovak & Czech beers and lots of snacks. Thanks to him I can now reach 100 Slovak beers. Thanks a lot :-)
Dec 31, 2020 Cuso VastActiv Janne was my winter Secret Santa 2020. Decadent box full of beers mostly from breweries I never heard before. Many thanks, recommended trader.
Dec 30, 2020 VastActiv markoijelena Got very nice box of Dutch Beers from markoijelena during Ratebeer Secret Santa 2020. Lots of interesting brews and parcel was well packed.
Dec 29, 2020 Wendigo rhoihessegold Moritz was my sender in Euro Winter Secret Santa 2020 event. Well packed package contained mix of styles from local breweries, all of them new to me. Moritz also packed some extras like chocolate and marzipan sweets. Easy communication and quick shipping. Well recommended trader. Thank you Moritz.
Dec 29, 2020 CH-303 Grzesiek79 Another great trade: new hard-to-get country tick (plus another country sample), plus five bottles tailored to my requests. Plus coasters/chocolate. Generous trader, highly recommended. Hope to trade again soon!
Dec 24, 2020 b3shine alexsdad06 Completed another IP trade with the legend himself earlier this month. Brad's got the goods, and (as usual) he put the icing on the cake with a generous extra. Only thing better than trading with him is drinking with him. Glad I get to do both.
Dec 21, 2020 SlackerMads Erzengel I received a crate of beers and a bit of snack from Erzengel in the European Secret Santa 2020. Fine selection of beers from Saarland which was a new region for me. Great trader, thanks again!
Dec 21, 2020 phaleslu alexsdad06 Did an in-person swap with Brad last week. He made it about as easy as could be, dropping by my place. Easy to deal with, fair trader, great guy. Cheers, Brad!