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Aug 4, 2022 Zlotta fonefan We did an IP trade when I was in Denmark for my summer vacation. I delivered some local beers and I got a massive bunch of beers in exchange. Super generous by Jan, unfortunately I was a bit in a hurry with the kids. Still nice to chat with you Jan, many thanks again!
Aug 1, 2022 Beerhunter111 DrNosha Pablo was my sender in the german local swap 2022. He sent me mainly beers from the southern part of germany. Quick and smooth communication, very good trader.
Jul 23, 2022 VDuquerroux Cuso Imro sent me a great box full of slovakian beers +a beermalade for the last summer local euroswap 2022. Fast shipping ; well packed ; easy communication ; trader highly recommended :) Thanks a lot Imro !
Jul 8, 2022 TomHendriksen Koelschtrinker I received a Nice box from Roman, as part of Euro Local swap 2/2022. All breweries are unknown to me. Lot of nice beers with few or no ratings, various styles. Contact went fast, shipping whas very good! Recommended trader.
Jul 7, 2022 dunklermessias TomHendriksen ONce again my pale during Euro-Swap 02/2022 and once again a pretty nice box full of interesting beer and small breweries. Also some sweets & glassware. Absolutly recomendable! Thx a lot!
Jul 5, 2022 DrNosha Cuso Nice trade with Imro. He got me some cool Slovakia beers. All new breweries for me. Friendly contact, fast shipping. Perfect. Really looking forward to trade again in the future. Thanx man!
Jul 5, 2022 Cuso dunklermessias During local swap 2/2022, this gentleman sent me 16 beers from small and smaller German breweries. Very good, quick covvunication, excellent range of beer. many thanks, sir.
Jul 5, 2022 Cuso DrNosha First trade with Pablo a nd I am sure that not last. Perfect, quick communication, nice selection of german beers from breweries, I never heard about. many thanks man.
Jun 27, 2022 japppp VDuquerroux My sender in Summer Euro Local Swap 2022. Very good selection of highly rated beers, good packing and fast delivery. Highly recommended!
Jun 26, 2022 weihenweizen shrubber85 Two part trade. First part in person. Wheat beers and great beers. Second part a load of Arkansas beers. Great trade as usual.
Jun 24, 2022 Wendigo Beerhunter111 Via Euro Swap #2/2022, Hans Peter send me box with nice selection of German beers of various styles. Easy and prompt communication, fast shipping. Recommended trader. Thank you Hans Peter.
Jun 22, 2022 Grumbo Nisse666 Traded boxes whilst Nisse666 was in Liverpool for work. Got Finnish stuff and some new Swedish breweries as requested. No UPS dramas this time fortunately. Cheers!
Jun 22, 2022 Grumbo CH-303 Received a booster box of Swiss beers to add to my meagre total with many of them being new regions (cantons), plus a little piece of Zambia for the label collection. Always a good trading partner.
Jun 22, 2022 Beerhunter111 japppp Jussi was my sender in the EU Local Swap 2022. He sent my a impressive box full of 15 interesting beers. A lot of strong and dark beers. High recommended trader! Many thanks
Jun 22, 2022 Grumbo Idiosynkrasie Brexit + Covid may have complicated the process and made it more expensive but we’re still trading. Another great box received recently from Boris. Always exciting to get a delivery from him!
Jun 14, 2022 shrubber85 weihenweizen In person trade - 24 cans of WV beers to put me over a 100 rates.
Jun 8, 2022 midovark mansquito Roman was kind enough to share a few beers with me at his apartment (and then hooked me up for some more cans before leaving) during my stay at NYC. Good beers and good talks with him and his wife, great guy all around.
May 18, 2022 Holmen1 Cunningham A committed ratebeerian, friendly, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and a generous trader as well!
May 15, 2022 Cunningham Holmen1 Love it when the stork lands another sold well packed box with goodies from Mr Holmen1 Highly reccommendable trader
May 5, 2022 shrubber85 weihenweizen 12 cans of WV beers - great variety