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Jun 14, 2021 omhper Cuso Cuso shipped my a big box filled with Slovakian delights as part of Euro Local Swap. Thanks Cuso, much appreciated :-)
Jun 9, 2021 TomHendriksen MarkoNm I got a selection of wonderful and unique beers from Marko as part of the European Swap. Good communication, (extreme) safe packaging, perfect selection, Everything went smooth. Definitely a 5* Trader.
Jun 4, 2021 MarkoNm Wendigo Wendigo was in charge of finding some tasty beers for me during a Euro Swap - and he did a great job. Lots of tasty brews, well packed with some extras as well. Great job
May 29, 2021 VastActiv dunklermessias Got box from dunklermessias vai Euroswap 1/2021. Huge box with lots of beers I was asking for. Well-packed and it arrived to Finland fast.
May 23, 2021 midovark Nisse666 Thomas was an absolute pleasure to trade with: he sought out all my preferred styles, packed the box bomb-proof and included an extra glass for me as well. The communication was smooth and easy all the way through, anytime again, thanks a lot!
May 21, 2021 chinhaez Drake Great trade with Dan, he knocked it out of the park. He has reinvigorated my desire to get back into the trading game--curses
May 17, 2021 midovark Erzengel Gabriel was kind enough to send me a literal crate of beers on our local for local swap. All the original altbiers and other classic styles and lots of regional stuff. He was kind enough to go out of his way and find me some locally roasted coffee too, what a great guy! He also included two jars of his own honey, a personal letter explaining the beers and all, and other small surprises. Smoot
May 11, 2021 cheap douglas88 Once again doug sent me exactly what I needed and more; really cool local brews I never had before: Six big pounder cans like Fairlight poly coastal, Block 15 strata & sticky hands, Montucky cold & more. I'm glad I met him at a beer tasting back in 2008 when ratebeer was king at the old East End warehouse. Big thanks Doug. All he asked for was a sixer of straub variety. Great trader. THNX
May 11, 2021 cheap douglas88 Doug sent me exactly what I needed and more; some really cool local brews I never had before: A big six of of pounder cans like Fairlight poly coastal, Block 15 strata & stick sticky hand, Montucky cold and many more. I'm so glad I met him at a beer tasting way back when ratebeer was king at the original old East End warehouse. Big thanks Doug. All he asked for was a sixer of cheap local bee
May 10, 2021 rennat42 mansquito Another great trade with Roman. Super patient with me while I drug out the trade and great communication throughout and speedy shipping with a superbly packaged box. If I were a regular trader, he would be at the top of my "go-to" traders. I definitely came out ahead on this one thanks to his generosity. Knocked off a few big wants. Would happily trade again. Don't hesitate to hook t
May 8, 2021 douglas88 cheap Hooked up again with an awesome box! Locals, including my beloved Straub. Thanks Dennis!
May 7, 2021 JStax rennat42 We have done a few trades over the years, the most recent being last summer in person. Always good to work with and great communication.
May 7, 2021 Drake chinhaez Glad to be chinhaez's "first" trade partner! For some reason he trades like a pro. Someone who has done 155 or so trades before. Great communication, great packaging. Thanks Stefan!
Apr 23, 2021 Drake mansquito Nice locals for locals trade with Roman. Nice selection of NYC beers. Packed very well. Great communication. Happy to do it again!
Apr 18, 2021 MarkoNm martjoobolut Great trade with Mart. A box with a new country tick and a nice arrangement of Estonian (and some Latvian) goodies that can't be found anywhere near arrived safely. Thumbs up
Apr 14, 2021 Cunningham hawthorne00 Excellent trader. Sent a box from the other side of the world. And all new Australian territories ended up in Norway without any trouble. Great!
Apr 14, 2021 martjoobolut MarkoNm Bomb proof package with excellent selection of beers. Some craft beers you can never find in EU web shops, for example who knew that even Georgia (country, not state) has craft nowadays! Great trader, recommended.
Apr 12, 2021 hawthorne00 Cunningham Henrik sent a generous and thoughtful box of Norwegian beers having sought some Australian region ticks. Despite Covid-time delays all was calm and easy.
Apr 10, 2021 papat444 ajnepple Shipped my end and he confirmed receipt. He sent me two tracking numbers and never received my beers. One was supposedly lost and returned to him, the other never left the state. I still want those beers, it cost me a lot to send you yours.
Apr 9, 2021 Nisse666 CH-303 Some drops of Zip 5 Klassiki - lovely! Many thx for avoiding the Swiss customs clearance! Cheers // Thomas