FT: 2017 Abraxas Set+, ISO: Velvet & DB Speedway + Mxyzptlk

Reads 1625 • Replies • Started Wednesday, November 8, 2017 11:43:47 AM CT

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beers 16413 º places 787 º 11:43 Wed 11/8/2017

I have a 2017 Perennial Abraxas set (2x Abraxas, Vanilla Abraxas, Coffee Abraxas, and bag) for trade.

I'm looking for one bottle each of AleSmith Double Barrel Speedway and Velvet Speedway 2017, along with one bottle of Bottle Logic Mxyzptlk.

I can add on my end to get this done in a single trade, something like Side Project Amis Pour Toujours, La Ruche, Fencerow, or something else along those lines.


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