IP Brussels (11/19-11/25). ISO: Lambic; FT: US Stouts, sours, IPAs

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14:08 Sun 11/5/2017

I'll be in Brussels from 11/19 through 11/25 and I'm hoping to set up some trades. My preference would be towards larger trades, but I'm open to anything especially if an interesting bottles is involved. Anyway here are some lists to get an idea. I've got a bunch of other stuff, so if you don't like what is here let's talk it over.

Bourbon County
* Regular bourbon county from 2011-2016
* Backyard Rye
* Proprietors 2016
* Regal Rye
* Barleywine (2013-2016)

Sante Adairius
* Westly
* West Ashley
* Appreciation
* Many others, ask if interested in a comprehensive list

Russian River
* Beatification (batches 5-8 available)
* Consecration, Supplication, Temptation, Sanctification (several batches available)
* Toronado 30
* Fresh Pliny and Blind Pig

The Bruery
* Black Tuesday, Chocholate Rain, Mocha Wednesday, Grey Monday, PB & Thursday (various years of all of these)
* Black Tuesday Reserve
* Port Black Tuesday
* Rum Black Tuesday

Other interesting things
* Various De Garde including The Boysen
* Various barrel aged beers from Hair of the Dog
* Barrel aged Abyss varients
* Fresh (mostly NE style) IPAs from Moonraker and Fieldwork
* Some miscellaneous Hill Farmstead saison bottles, but nothing rare

Top Wants
* 08 OGV
* Armand'4 Seasons
* Zenne (either batch)
* Cantillon one-offs (or at least fairly infrequently released)

Other wants
* Lou Pepes, Nath, Fou Foune, 50N
* Bokkereyder
* Struise Double Black
* Other OGV's
* Golden Blend 750ml bottles
* 3F Hommage and Framboos
* Other lambic you really enjoy


13:33 Mon 11/6/2017

I'll also add that I can get Trillium IPAs and Dark Lord from Three Floyds.

13:48 Mon 11/6/2017


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