ISO: Pineau D'Aunis FT: Assassin '14 + 3x VR

Reads 1229 • Replies 7 • Started Thursday, November 2, 2017 12:31:05 AM CT

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beers 592 º 00:31 Thu 11/2/2017

Looking for the D'Aunis from the Cantillon sale a month or two back. Feedback most welcome.

beers 592 º 16:44 Fri 11/3/2017

Update to add another VR for a total of Assassin 14 4x VR.

beers 105 º 17:38 Fri 11/3/2017

Wish I had one!

beers 2504 º places 24 º 19:31 Fri 11/3/2017

Holy shit. Nice VR hoard!

beers 6641 º places 417 º 07:25 Sat 11/4/2017

Whats VR?

beers 9875 º places 678 º 09:05 Sat 11/4/2017
beers 9386 º places 213 º 09:15 Sat 11/4/2017

Was Aunis for sale? I believe they only had LPF, Fou and Nath.

beers 592 º 18:34 Mon 11/6/2017

To clarify: I'm looking for the 2010 bottling of d'Aunis with the black/yellow label. This was sold at the online cantillon charity sale recently

FT is Assassin 2014 and 4x VR

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