site problem - internal server error while uploading ratings

Reads 3987 • Replies 64 • Started Tuesday, September 26, 2017 5:20:19 AM CT

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beers 13549 º places 1101 º 15:23 Thu 10/19/2017

Impossible the last hour here as well

beers 21223 º places 832 º 15:32 Thu 10/19/2017

It's been a great big pile of feedbacking decorum all evening.

beers 7613 º places 283 º 15:43 Thu 10/19/2017

Do you think joe or anybody that cares is listening right now?

beers 30803 º places 281 º 15:43 Thu 10/19/2017

Rating went from slow to impossible approximately 2hrs ago. The past week or so this has been flying.

beers 7613 º places 283 º 15:45 Thu 10/19/2017

thanks, just submitted a feedback. Will send one to joe right now.

I hope it's in the future interest of site improvement.

beers 13198 º places 239 º 15:52 Thu 10/19/2017

Can't rate

beers 1745 º places 47 º 16:34 Thu 10/19/2017

Really what the heck is going on? This year there were major issues more than several times, i can't believe there's so much traffic servers can't keep up, we aren't THAT much. If there's work in progress shut down everything ad put a 'be right back' post-in as home screen until things are fixed and running, please.

beers 7814 º places 211 º 16:53 Thu 10/19/2017

Can't enter ratings through the site, used the new app out of despair. It worked, although I accidently rated another beer, so I had to delete that one.
I love the spirit of ratebeer, but the software is a real mess.

beers 9623 º 16:59 Thu 10/19/2017

I'm actually so glad I haven't been to many festivals this year. Fucked up like it's usually been for the last year (or two). Walking into the woods banging my head against a tree is more useful than using this fucked up shitty site lately. Do you even care Joe? I bet tou've just put tour head in the sand like an ostridg lately....

beers 7613 º places 283 º 17:36 Thu 10/19/2017

OK, now working, thanks joet!