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Jul 2018 danlo Did 2 IP trades of local County Durham beers Graham was seeking out in return for ciders/new country ticks during his time in the North East. Went out of his way to find items for the trades, also sent over samples of otherwise impossible to find Greenland rates to fully colour-up the top of my ratebeer world map :-) Cheers! and hope to trade/catch-up again in future
Mar 2018 Nisse666 Wee box with loads of new ticks - contries and county. Loads of thx for this lovely ?? box ??... cheers / Thomas
Mar 2018 fombe89 Grumbo sent me all the English regions I had not had before, some country tics, and some local English beers. Great exchange.
Jan 2018 Erzengel Got again a fantastic box full of local Ales and a new country-sample from Graham! Well-packed and fast delivered - as usual! Thank you so much!!!!
Dec 2017 Nisse666 Graham did it again, 2 new countries, 2 new from rare countries and loads of nice Britanian brews. Very well packed and easy communication as usually. Many thx mate!
Oct 2017 MarkoNm Another trade with Graham. Received box full of English goodies and two new country ticks. Quick, safe and easy as always.
Oct 2017 Erzengel Did with Graham a nice 2 country-samples vs. 2 country-samples. As usual very fast and safe shipment, thank you - already talking about the next trade!!
Sep 2017 jtclockwork Great in person trade in NYC for a plethora of new country ticks. Great guy. Hope we can do it again!
Sep 2017 CH-303 Another new country sent to MIL, as usual very well wrapped. Great- thanks again!
Aug 2017 Idiosynkrasie Initiated as trade for country ticks, Graham sent me a chock-a-block box augmented with regional and local new brewers (and took some effort to fulfill my idiosyncratic wishes). Very friendly communication, professional packaging. Pure pleasure, thanks a lot!

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