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Oct 2023 Grumbo Nice trading with Asbjorn again, many thanks for the box of tricky Swiss regions / Cantons.
Aug 2023 Wolff90 Yet another successful trade made, thank you!
Jun 2022 Grumbo Received a booster box of Swiss beers to add to my meagre total with many of them being new regions (cantons), plus a little piece of Zambia for the label collection. Always a good trading partner.
Feb 2022 Grzesiek79 Highly recomendation for trade with Asbjorn. Beer from 7 new region from Swiss and one sample (new country ofcourse - Zambia). Mini pralines with elegant box - Thanks for this suprise. Box was excelent, craft beer, nice communication. Suuuper recomended Trader. Always to another trade with Asbjorn, maybe soon.
Nov 2021 Wolff90 I traded a few country ticks to Asbjorn in exchange for some Swiss Chicha de Jora. Well packaged and received everything intact. Many thanks!
Apr 2021 Nisse666 Some drops of Zip 5 Klassiki - lovely! Many thx for avoiding the Swiss customs clearance! Cheers // Thomas
Dec 2020 Grzesiek79 New Trade with Asbjorn! Next Good selection of beer and for me one new country. Imperial Stout, Imperial Porter, fresh Pale Ale and other. All from Swiss Craft Brewery. Well packaging. Nice and great communication. Big recomendation for trading with Asbjorn. Thanks a lot and take care!
Nov 2020 Nisse666 Yet another wee great box from Asbjørn. Easy communication, great packed / country tick + some nice locals;). Many thx / stay safe friend.
Aug 2020 Grumbo Good to trade with Az again, got a nice box of local beers as requested in exchange for some country ticks, mostly. Hopefully we'll get to do another one before 3 more years pass (though posting CH to GB and vice versa could be even more interesting from 2021 on).
May 2019 Nisse666 Wee box one country and a BFM bonus - many thx. Cheers // Ps. Box went stuck in the customs with a 10 Euro fee, my country’s issue - not the senders Next time - big box ?? to cover those issues;)

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