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Jun 2015 gnoff In person trade in Vancouver. Not a planned trade, more that I brought a few bottles from Sweden and Alex generously shared some bottles with me. Great guy to meet up with if in Vancouver for sure!
May 2013 teddybeer An in person trade with Alex, who shares some Spanish beers with me in a fantastic tasting session. He gave me a Bourbon County Brand Stout 2008, a Lost Abbey Mayam Apocalypse Judgment Day and a Brockhouse Epic Stot. Excellent beers from an excellent person. Many thanks and cheers!!
May 2012 humlelala I had the pleasure of trading a Munkebo Alstærk and an Ølfabrikken Porter for a Birrificio Italiano 2010 Sparrow Pit that Alex had single-handedly imported from Italy. The trade was supposed to have been finalised in December but as I was unable to show up Alex held on to the beer for me for six months. Now that’s persistence and loyalty if ever there were any!
May 2004 Jeppe Alex brought me 3 of my most wanted beers: Traquair Jacobite Ale, Courage Russian Imperial Stout 1992 and Nils Oscar Julöl 2002. Thank you for trading Alex!!