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Apr 2012 hallinghansen Did a small trade with Maria. 2 beer geek breakfast one for one - The Bruery Black Tuesday. Great communication, fast shipping, great packaging? Maria is da girl. Thanks.
Jul 2011 yngwie Meeting Maria at her place on my way home from Copenhagen, we had a small tasting of low abv German beers, and she also provided me with 16 nice Germans to take home. Thx a lot Maria, and hope you enjoyed the beers you got from me.
Apr 2010 coldbrewky This was the LONGEST trade I have ever participated in. Its not Marias falult either...Thank the USPS for sending my package to Freaking EL Salvador and back to me after they denied entry. WTF! A great little box arrived the other day. Mikkeller Beer geek brunch 1 for 1 and an Amager Impy stout. I cant wait to get to them! Thanks Maria!
Jan 2010 after4ever And with a great flourish, the lovely and amazing Maria does it again with delights from De Molen, Det Lille, Hornbeer, Struise/De Molen, and best of all, 7 amazing new BA releases from Norrebro. Absolutely astonishingly good box of beer...can’t wait to get my little mitts on a bottle opener.
Sep 2009 yngwie After a long period of silence, Maria suddenly contacted me to ask if I was interested in 25-30 German delights she had in her cellar. How can one resist such an offer. Lots of fine beers in that box, and of course a few radler-ticks as well. Cheers and thx Maria!
Aug 2009 after4ever Yet another spectacular dozen bottles from the lovely Maria. Many tricky Mikkellers, Beer Heres, and copious other delights. Another installment in our perpetual trade--perfectly packaged, always tons of good communication. Can’t say enough good things about trading with Maria! :-)
Mar 2009 yngwie In a face-to-face trade, Maria set me up with 5 beers from one of her locals, Ølleriet Håndgjow. Thx a lot Maria.
Feb 2009 after4ever Another stunning trade for black beers with Maria. She hooked me up with 12 stoutie-qualifiers this time, ranging from the lofty (Weasel) to the more obscure. I can add specifics when I get home, but, as always, they were thoughtfully chosen, lovingly cared for, and impeccably packaged. Our trade is permanently ongoing and always a pleasure.
Feb 2009 nbutler11 Maria is amazing. She walked me through my first international trade and was patient as it took several months to work out the details of this one. The end result was well-worth the wait and effort, though, when I recieved a box containing 2 bottles of Mikkeller Brunch One-for-One, Brunch Weasel, Amager BA Imperial Stout, Thisted Porter, Gudelos Imperial Stout, Amager Imperial Stout, Olfabrikken
Nov 2008 after4ever Maria knocked me out again with Amager Rated XX and Barrelhouse BA impy, Olfabrikken Islay Cask, Westmalle Extra, Svartgol Porter, Haanbryggeriet Tripel’s Dubbel, and several others. The first double-digits of trades have been delightful, can’t wait for more!

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