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Aug 2012 CheersMate I met Casey, at Bottleworks, when he was visiting the Seattle area. I ended up bringing a HOTD Bourbon Fred for him, expecting absolutely nothing in return. A couple of days later, I get a BM thanking me, and a notification that I’d be getting a box of beer, in the near future. The box arrived, and was packaged PERFECTLY. This guy was easy to talk to, in person, and communicated well, via BM.
Dec 2006 Cletus In a great trade, Casey sent me a bottle of Firestone 10 and for good measure added Sudwerk Doppel Bock and Caesarus Heller Bock. Boxed like Ft. Knox. Thanks for the great trade!!!
Dec 2004 Mangino Casey turned what could of been a nice little trade into a fiasco. Terrible communication, terrible shipping and packaging. I cant reccomend more strongly against avoiding a trade with this RB’er.
Nov 2004 Sham Casey sent me an awesome haul of beers. Included in this shipment: 1 liter Thomas Hooker Liberator, 750ml Allagash Dubbel, 12oz: St. Bernardus witte, Cottrell Old Yankee Ale, and a Smuttynose Robust Porter. Great beers from a great trader!!
Sep 2004 Ernest Kudos to Casey! Two 1L bottles of Thomas Hooker darkness to get completely sloshed on! 8^)
Jun 2004 jsquire Quick little trade with DYC for a Rhode Island bottle. Great communication. He refilled the box I sent him with the Newport Storm IPA and a bonus IPA from Cooperstown. Now lets see if he catches the trading bug.