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Nov 2009 KAggie97 My sweetie hooked me up with Williamsburg Rapadou Porter, Bourbon Barrel Porter, Wolf’s Trap Ale, and Ironbound Ale. He also sent a Dominion Millenium and French Broad Wee Heavy. It’s nice to finally exchange fluids with this bohunk of a man. Delicious! (And I’m sure the beer is, too!)
Jul 2009 TheBeerSommelier Tim hooked me up with 2 each of Williamsburg AleWerks Brewmasters Reserve Grand Illumination Ale and Imperial Porter. He also kicked in One of their Brewmasters Reserve Saisons and Coffeehouse Stout as bonuses. Thanks again, sir.
Jul 2009 CheesedMan I told Tim I wanted some locals and damn, did he deliver. Great trade, fast and packed like a pro. There will be more.
Jun 2009 kryptic Tim hit me up with a great selection of canned brews for summertime festivities where glass is a no-no, including Dales Pale x4, Gordon x2, Mama’s little Yella x2, Ten Fidy x2, Caldera IPA & Caldera Amber and he tossed in a Dominion Oaked Stout and Baltic porter on top of that! Literally packed to withstand a nuclear blast, double boxed, and encased in mad peanuts. Thanks again, Tim!
May 2009 Headbanger Tim sent the agreed upon AleWerks Brewmaster’s Reserve Springhouse and Ironbound and threw in an extra Wolfe’s Trap and an Atwater Block Vanilla Java Porter. Great communication and fast shipping. Look forward to trading with again.
May 2009 ucusty Immy gave JCB a few beers to pass along to me... ST OA UnEarthly, Brewdog, Lindemans Cuvee, Grand Illumination, Rap. Porter Thanks!!!
Apr 2009 hopscotch Tim came through with a bottle of Dominion Baltic Porter and a bomber of Williamsburg AleWerks Brewmasters Reserve Grand Illumination Ale. Quick. Well-packed. He was much more quick than I on my end of the trade. I’ll get your beer to you asap, Tim. I promise. :-)
Apr 2009 JCB As always, Tim brings it hard. In our third F2F trade (fifth overall), he delivers: 2008 Schlafly BA Impy Stout, Southern Tier Unearthly and Iniquity, Full Nelson Pale Ale, Williamsburg Coffeehouse Stout, and three beers from Steamworks: Third Eye, Steam Engine Lager, and Conductor. Thanks, rocker! I owe you beer.
Mar 2009 Soonah You know who kicks ass? Immy kicks ass. Just opened me a box of ST Krampus & Hoppe along with a Southampton 10th Anniversary Ale. Why? Because Immy kicks ass. Haven’t you been paying attention? Well packed, quickly shipped and terrific communication. Thanks Tim!
Feb 2009 sloth Slick, quick and easy trade with my friend Immy! Hair of the Dog Cherry Adam from the Wood with a bonus bottle of Leather Lips IPA, sweeet! Immy,s a good man and a helluva trader. All around good expierence. Highly reccomended! Thanks bro, any time!

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