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Aug 2018 footbalm Poor showing from Eric, 7 months and no return box.
Oct 2016 BVery Another great box from Eric - thanks man! You’d think maybe he’d be too busy dodging hurricanes to pack up another ’just for the heck of it’ box, but no - he’s rescuing beers from south FL and relocating them to my fridge :) Love you, man - glad you and your family made it through in good shape!
Aug 2016 BVery Eric sent me another awesome box of beers - thanks bud! The favor shall be returned!
Jul 2016 Clownoisseur Eric crushed my porch with a Florida box loaded with OIB, Civil Society, FB, JWB and Morgantown beers! Really great spread of beer and an impeccable packing job during this hot spell. A+ as always!
May 2016 BBB63 Another porch bomb from Eric with brew from Civil Society, CCB, J Wakefield, and Funky Buddha along with this German Chocolate Cupcake thing from Angry Chair which could be the one I am most interested in because I love German Chocolate Cakes. Thanks for the brews!
Apr 2016 ygtbsm94 Another excellent box sent by Eric! After being a JWB trustee for me; he added several brews with the boat load he already picked up. Thanks Eric for for doing all the leg work for me and the tasty extras; much appreciated!!! "Beer is Good Food"
Sep 2015 FlandersNed Yet another great trade with Eric! Looking forward to many more!
Aug 2015 hannont First trade with Eric and he sent me a bunch of nice beers. Would trade again! Cheers!
Aug 2015 growler Kudos to Eric for a random bundle of joy that arrived on my doorstep all the way from sunny Florida. Totally off the cuff surprise delivery!! These babies were wrapped so tight they could have survived a nuclear holocaust!! Always thrilled to receive anything from Funky Buddha and once again, he didn’t disappoint!!! Thank Eric....
Aug 2015 BBB63 Let another in the long legacy of boxes being sent back and forth, the growler of OIB was wrapped so well it took me over 5 minutes to free it from bondage. Yea Beer!

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