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Apr 2022 Cuso Per was my sender in Euro Local swap #1 / 2022. I got huge box full of mainly Swedish beers. Unknown breweries for me, filling of midssing regions and Narke. many thanks Per. Anytime again.
Jan 2022 rauchbierlover Per was my Secret Santa 2021. Again, an amazing box full of Rauchbier, traditional and - to me - unknown Swedish traditional styles, light beers (bitter ales, saisons, pils) as per my request. On top of it, a bottle of Närke Kaggen Stormaktsporter. I wish it could be Xmas every day. Highly recommended trader!
Oct 2021 Nisse666 Medium packaged with 3 new Swe breweries. Bomb proof packaging, fast and flawless shipping. Easy communication.
Sep 2021 MonsterMagnet I received an amazing box of beers in the Euro Local Swap 2/2021, a really generous selection of different styles, thoughtful of my preferences, and also including a Gotlandsdricka and a country tick. Excellent! Many thanks Per!
Mar 2021 martjoobolut Did a small trade that involved some harder to get countries. Good selection of beers and good communication. Good trader (y)
Aug 2020 Nisse666 Amazing box with loads of new local hard to get Swedish breweries + one Mexican bonus. Many thanks my friend // Thomas
Aug 2020 anstei I can only agree with what all the others already wrote: Per puts together amazing boxes with rare beer styles, old and new breweries, and all of top quality. Highly recommended trader!
Dec 2019 rauchbierlover I really have no words to describe how awesome Per is. I got a big box for Euro Santa 2019 with top50 beers from Sweden (O/O, Närke, Stigbergets), nice smoked beers, saison, traditional ales. Could not ask for anything Better.
Aug 2019 Nisse666 Face to face one with a public quick share. Great day with many nice brews and interesting conversations - many thx.
Jul 2019 Nisse666 Nice box with new Swedish breweries and a rare very country, well wrapped and no issues as usually. Many, many thx man!

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