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Dec 2019 rauchbierlover I really have no words to describe how awesome Per is. I got a big box for Euro Santa 2019 with top50 beers from Sweden (O/O, Närke, Stigbergets), nice smoked beers, saison, traditional ales. Could not ask for anything Better.
Aug 2019 Nisse666 Face to face one with a public quick share. Great day with many nice brews and interesting conversations - many thx.
Jul 2019 Nisse666 Nice box with new Swedish breweries and a rare very country, well wrapped and no issues as usually. Many, many thx man!
Oct 2018 Nisse666 Wow full box with plenty of new Swedish Brewers - many thx, mate!
Dec 2017 Nisse666 King Per, delivered again 3 new SWE breweries and a bonus Transdniestra. Many thx for your efforts mate / cheers // Thomas
Sep 2017 Nisse666 Amazing ????10 ish new SWE Brewers and what not from the Swedish King. Many thx Per. Skål ??// Thomas
Aug 2017 Travlr Easy small trade, 2 US states for one country that I probably would not have gotten any other way. Stellar mule performance by AndySnow who delivered the beer in person. Cheers Per!
Jul 2017 Grumbo My second small but highly valued and much appreciated trade with Per. Glad to have got to know the King of country ticking.
Jul 2017 Nisse666 Wow one new country from his latest expedition and 5 new Swedish breweries Cheers // Thomas
Jan 2017 Grumbo Country tick trade with Per. Well packaged box has safely arrived today. Super comms throughout. I’m delighted to have been able to give Per his country tick #208.

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