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Sep 2008 Snojerk321 All kinds of great stuff from Shane in this one! A plethora of Southern Tier, Great lakes, Flying Dogg and 1 beautiful Cantillon. This was a rough one to get completed, Fed Ex will burn to the ground!! Thanks again Shane.
Jan 2008 jimbowood Love trading w/ Shane. I’ve never requested a local beer that he hasn’t gone out and gotten for me. This time, he sent me a suprise retired local from my area- Youngblood’s Imperial Porter! Also, got Gemini, Chokolat, and other So. Tier gyms. Thanks, Shane.
Oct 2007 Styles Shane comes with the ST connection again. ST Impy Oat, adn 3 throw ins, all ST, Harvest, Rasp. Wheat, and Porter. Sent before I even had Part 1 of our trade completed, talk about trust. Thanks Shane, much appreciated.
Sep 2007 Odeed i gotta give props to my man shadey.he sent me the beers we agreed upon.(04,05 stone impy,s.t. oatmeal sout)plus a few bonuses.(including a s.t. harvest ale.)well fed ex messed with the box and broke the harvest.so shadey sent me two more 3 day air.(and fed ex opened the box again!)luckily this he double boxed it so the two beers were fine.i gotta say shadey went above and beyond two re-send me th
Sep 2007 mreusch Shane hooked me up with a couple bombers of ST Imperial Oat Stout, and threw in some nice ST bonus beers to go with it! Excellent trade and trader, fast, great packing and communication. Would trade again anytime, thanks Shane!
Sep 2007 Ughsmash Shane hooked me up with Southern Tier OAT along with bonuses of S.T. Raspberry Wheat, IPA, and Harvest Ale! The first box was crushed in Chicago, but looking at this packaging, it wasn’t Shane’s fault! I’d love to do it again!
Sep 2007 BBB63 Shane sent me two Southern Tier Imperial Oatmeal, one ST Heavy Weizen and added a bouns of ST Harvest Ale. Good and quick communications and packed well. THANKS
Sep 2007 hellbilly shane shipped me the requested ST oat and jah-va stout along with extras of the ST rasp wheat, harvest and ipa AND southampton grand cru and imperial porter. all in exchange of a growler to be shipped later...
Sep 2007 WeeHeavySD Shane rocks! He delivers two of the new batch of Southern Tier Imperial OAT, and 1 ST Big Red. Additionally he throws in three ST 12ozers IPA, Raspberry wheat and Harvest. Great Packing, great communication. Great Trader, hope to do it again.
Sep 2007 emacgee We agreed on Southern Tier Oatmeal Imperial Stout and what did I find in my box???? THAT! Which was exciting enough without then finding Southern Tier Harvest Ale and Raspberry Wheat and then going to work and coming back only to find that their IPA had been hiding in there as well. Thanks a bunch man.

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