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May 2016 hopscotch Mike sent a killer box recently. An assortment of 12 fantastic beers, including several BA Livery brews.
Aug 2015 hopscotch Mike shot me an incredible box of obscure brews. Beers from Pipeworks, Bare Hands and 18th Street. I’m always thankful for whatever Mike sends my way!!
Dec 2014 hopscotch Just received a big heavy box of beer from Mike. It’s bursting-at-the-seams with brews from 18th Street, Revolution, Tapistry, The Sour Note, 51st Ward, The Livery and Pipeworks. Mike’s the gift that keeps on giving. Awesome trader. Meticulous packager. Great communication. Go Mike, Go!
Oct 2014 hopscotch Mike knocked it out of the park again. He sent 11 bombers and 750s of Pipeworks, Figure Eight, Tapistry, 18th Street, Bare Hands and Hailstorm. Just a huge box of beer from some favorite breweries and some new ones as well. Thanks Mike!
May 2014 hopscotch ... and yet another box arrives. Full of eight 22oz bombers and one 12oz bottle of beers from Pipeworks, Spiteful, Revolution and Begyle. Damn, it’s hard unwrapping beers sent by Mike. No way anything is ever going to break. Thanks again, my friend.
Apr 2014 hopscotch Another neat, well-packed box from Mike. The guy that just keeps on giving. Eight bottles of at least 22oz and one howler. Pipeworks, DryHop and 18th Street. Great stuff. Thanks Mike!
Jan 2014 hopscotch A small, but great, box from Mike. Pipeworks Closer Encounter, Chai Dog, Elijah’s Revival and Toasty Nut Abduction. Thanks a lot, Mike.
Dec 2013 hopscotch ... and then another box hits with more local Chicagoland goodness. My favorite beer name ever (OK, second favorite... nothing beats Robinson’s Trooper) is now Spiteful God Damn Cascara Pigeon Porter. Also, two 12 ozers each of Pipeworks’ first releases of Bourbon Barrel Aged beers (Jones Dog, Murderous and Last Kiss). Thanks again, Mike.
Dec 2013 hopscotch Mike shot a second box of beer my way only one day after the last. More Pipeworks goodies and some local Indiana and Illinois flavor to go along with them. Thanks so much, Mike!
Dec 2013 hopscotch Mike shipped a huge, smartly-packed 12 bottle styro-shipper loaded with Pipeworks beers. Every one of them looks to be interesting. Can’t wait to drink them. Thanks a shit-ton, Mike!

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