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Mar 2013 AdamChandler Smooth trade, shared a few beers and great conversation. Got to pick the brain of the #1 rater of Mikkeller beers. He was also very on time for our IP trade which was awesome.
Jul 2012 readbaron I met Theis for an in person trade in Copenhagen. He also have me a great reccomendation for a restaurant & helped me find a place to rent a bicycle. Hopefully, he will visit Chicago so I can return the favor.
Mar 2012 deyholla Conducted an in person trade while visiting FFF and Flossmoor. Theis blew me away with a bunch of hard to find Danish brews from Amager, Mikkeller, Fanø ect. Had a great time and hope to share brews again in the future!
Jul 2011 Doodler Theis is the man. Met in person and traded some fun beers with me. Then drug my butt to bars all around Copenhagen for the flood of the century and joined us for a crazy night of drinking at Henriks. Wouldn’t have made it home without his help. Tusind Tak!
Mar 2011 Forgetfu I met Theis while visiting Copenhagen. He went out of his way to help out with my visit, we had a great in person trade, and shared some beers at the Mikkeller Bar. I had a great time. I will gladly trade with him again!
Sep 2010 Doodler Theis and I worked on this trade for a while but it all came together this week. I ship a box of fun beers his way and in return, I get some amazing bottles of Danish treats. Terrific communications, outstanding extras and wrapped bombproof. Skål!!! A terrific trader...Mange tak...
May 2010 jbrus Theis got me some beauties from Denmark that I’ve been looking for for some time. Like Olfabrikken Winter Porter and Mikkeller BA Black as Coal. Great guy as well.
Mar 2010 GT Theis and I did an in-person trade in CPH over one of the best beer bars in the city. Gave him DuClaw Devil’s Milk and he had a one-off Xbeeriment from Mikkeller and Rated XX from Amarger Bryhus. Very nice!
May 2009 madmitch76 In person trade in Copenhagen. Theis introduced me to the delight of the Olbaren bar and we sank a few and Theis was kind enough to humour me why I got drunk on the devil beer (Djaevebryg), I bought a few English beers over and Theis handed me some very nice Danish micro brews. Looking forward to trading with Theis again at some point, Cheers Theis!
Dec 2008 BDR An excellent face to face trade with Theis netted me several desired beers from Europe. Gourmetbryggeriet Brewers Reserve Single Cask Porter Projekt, Cantillon - Blåbær Lambic, Girardin - Framboise, and a few other tasty treats.

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