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Feb 2019 rhoihessegold Gunnar helped me with getting beers only available at the Norwegian Vinmonopelt. Due to high shipping costs he brought them on a trip to Poland, to send to Germany from there. He also included one local Norwegian can as a plus. Thanks a lot for your efforts Gunnar!
Nov 2017 Cunningham Our box is now at my place again. Will return soon. That means another good solid trade! Love that box
Aug 2017 Koelschtrinker Gunnar sent me a box in European Secret Santa Summer 2017, well packed and with both local Session IPA and heavy Imperial Stous like Lervig / Evil Twin Big Ass Money Stout. Great beers, great conditions, thanks!
Jun 2017 Cunningham The basement is filled up with goodies for the summer. This man delviers every time. Time to send a box or two to the wild west! <3
May 2017 Cunningham A good start to this summer. Another solid box landed in good conditions. New breweries that are quite unavailble to me and some greece goodies. Thanxxx again il maestro
May 2017 Cunningham The unbreakable box returned east. Full of more goodies. Hghly reccomendable trader!
Nov 2016 Cunningham A nice IP trade in Sandnes. More rare and unavailable norwegian breweries for me :-) <3
Oct 2016 Cunningham Another (well used) box with some rare beers entered my house. Always delivering the goods. Highly recommendable trader!
Oct 2016 rami_pl That was pleasure to meet and trade with Gunnar - thank you! :)
Sep 2016 Inbreak The travelling beerhunter delivers again. IP trade at my place on his way through Bergen, to exchange some rare Norwegian beers from our area. Thnx a lot mate! :)

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