Balancing acid in sour beers

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beers 2900 º places 125 º 17:03 Fri 3/18/2016

What techniques are most popular in balancing acid in sour beers?

places 23 º 17:43 Fri 3/18/2016

IBU, mash profile, fermentstion with Sacch prior to pitching other microbes.

Perception of acidity can really be adjusted with terminal gravity too.

beers 10557 º places 13 º 12:30 Sat 3/19/2016

When brewing Berliner Weisse I give the lacto a head start before I add Saccharomyces.

18:36 Mon 3/21/2016

Originally posted by joet
What techniques are most popular in balancing acid in sour beers?

What do you mean by "balancing acid"?

Do you mean, "How do I keep my sour beer from becoming too sour?" or "How do I balance the types of acids that can be present in sour beers?" or do you mean something different altogether?

beers 88 º places 40 º 04:23 Tue 3/22/2016

Balancing acid ?

Bizarre question

beers 2452 º places 182 º 22:28 Tue 3/22/2016


places 23 º 23:43 Tue 3/22/2016

Originally posted by hopbomber
Balancing acid ?

Bizarre question

It’s a Joet Q.

09:19 Wed 3/23/2016

I take "balancing acid" to mean balancing between softer lactic acid and sharper acetic acid. With many sours, it’s nice to have a touch of acetic, but it can easily overwhelm a beer.

Watch your oxygen levels. Too much oxygen and the beers can get acetic very quickly.

beers 12253 º places 373 º 13:04 Wed 3/23/2016

Tums prior to consumption.

beers 2166 º places 63 º 17:12 Thu 9/8/2016

Originally posted by SamGamgee

This. Plus taking appropriate measures to curb or at least restrain the formation of acetic acid.

You can buy various microbe blends that attempt to balance the acid formation by providing the correct proportions of brettanomyces, lactobacillus, saccharomyces, and sometimes pediococcus but much depends upon your IBUs, pH, temperature and other environmental factors, so they really can’t provide an exact balance.

places 23 º 22:12 Thu 9/8/2016

Blending only goes so far and is overly simplistic without more information- take a very acidic sour red, and blend in, say, an amber ale with no acidity, and you likely are going to have problems.

I think blending is key to achieving certain flavor profiles (old beer + younger hoppy beer, as an example) but the beers that you blend have to be appropriate for the use. Low residual extract is key. Or you better have a good handle on priming calculators...

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