Beer Floats

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beers 37394 º places 457 º 03:27 Sat 2/21/2009

Any one ever added icecream to there beer
Sound GREAT to me.

beers 2407 º places 20 º 03:57 Sat 2/21/2009

I had a rogue chocolate stout float at the rogue public house in SF, it whipped ass

beers 1547 º places 12 º 04:07 Sat 2/21/2009

Good stuff, these are some others that i’ve seen that worked out well.

Dogfish Head Indian Brown infused Vanilla Ice Cream
Dogfish Head Fort infused Vanilla Ice Cream

Stout floats in general are good, I had one a while back with
Vanilla gelato, serpents stout, and whole raspberries and it was sublime.

Lindemans Framboise with Vanilla ice cream float.

beers 37394 º places 457 º 04:20 Sat 2/21/2009

just never occured to me.

Looking forward to the Experiment though :-)

beers 22101 º places 393 º 04:26 Sat 2/21/2009

First time I had Nøgne Ø Imp Stout, it had vanilla icecream flotaing in it.

beers 3760 º places 16 º 05:12 Sat 2/21/2009

I made an Alpha King with some sort of caramel, toffee, nut ice cream one time, I don’t remember how it was though. I gotta try that again now!

beers 555 º places 12 º 09:06 Sat 2/21/2009

Chocolate milkshakes made with Expedition FTW!!!

beers 2287 º places 71 º 10:39 Sat 2/21/2009

Saranac Caramel Porter was a drainpour for me as a beer but then i dumped it on some ice cream and it all made sense.

beers 24488 º places 200 º 13:59 Sat 2/21/2009

Been doing it for years. Tommykn ockers in Idaho Spgs. Colorado had a stout float on their dessert menu tried one loved it and have been drinking them ever since using many different beers.

beers 1810 º places 259 º 14:20 Sat 2/21/2009

English Barleywine/Salted Caramel Ice Cream

Imp. Chocolate Stout/Blueberries, Vanilla Ice Cream

Quad/Black Walnut-Maple Ice Cream

beers 3343 º places 70 º 14:47 Sat 2/21/2009

How about Founders Porter with Coconut ice cream? Never tried it, but that sounds like it would rule.