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Originally posted by Ibrew2or3
. . . I had far fewer amazing generous awesome friends!

The people on this site changed my life in such a great way.



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I thought every beer brewed outside of Belgium was of poor quality!

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I had a hard time deciding which beers were worth seeking out and trying and which beers werent worth the price tag.

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I used to think I had sampled a large amount of beer that the world had to offer.

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Originally posted by santabeer
Originally posted by t0rin0
I was happy thinking that there were only a couple hundred different beers made in the world and that Sierra Nevada Pale Ale was the best of them.

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale wasn't a bad choice though! :)
it was my intro into the craft beer world so many years ago, still love the brand, Sierra Nevada celebration in the fridge now.

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LOL, thanks for all the funny replies.