Best beer on a budget?

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14:38 Tue 5/15/2012

Hi. Im new here. Love the site. Looking for some good brews to go to when on a budget. Im in New York, about an hour north of NYC. Thanks all.

14:41 Tue 5/15/2012

I should also say I have a real soft spot for"big" beers.

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Southern Tier 2X IPA and 2X Stout. Or just go with Steel Reserve.

beers 1486 º places 272 º 14:44 Tue 5/15/2012

Well, the deal is that one budgets for beer and then figures out the rest.

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Trader Joes has some incredibly good value beers. The Mission Street beers the store sells [at all its locations] are actually just rebranded Firestone-Walker - one of the best breweries in the US according to many a drinker. The Mission Street Anniversary Ale (8.5%) is pretty great and it sells for under $4 per bomber (if I recall correctly).

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Victory Helios $4 a bomber

beers 12 º 14:52 Tue 5/15/2012

You get Sierra Nevada out there?

beers 5878 º places 405 º 14:55 Tue 5/15/2012

He is asking for "beer on a budget" and people are recommending bombers?

I think OP needs to clarify. It would be helpful to know what you mean by "budget.". What, to you, is a reasonable price for a beer?

14:57 Tue 5/15/2012

Thanks everyone. We do get Sierra out here although the hoptinium never made it to me

beers 814 º places 7 º 15:03 Tue 5/15/2012

Do you get anything by Lagunitas? They are a high quality brewer that tends to sell cheap, and tend to be widely available. Also, if hes just sampling, nothing wrong with the bomber recommendations. Few things are worse than getting a six-pack thats a drainpour, especially after someone recommended it and it turned out to not suit your palate. I like to mix up bombers and six-packs myself for that very reason.

beers 3725 º places 182 º 15:38 Tue 5/15/2012

I think that 2xIPA was a good suggestion. Lotta bang for the buck and tasty too.