ISO: Blabaer FT: HF Ephraim, CBS/KBS, List

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07:55 Mon 10/1/2012

I am ideally looking for a 750ml, but a 375 would do as well. (Prefer IP NYC, but will ship, including internationally if needed.)

I have for trade:
Hill Farmstead Ephraim (750mL growler), Arthur, Everett, Clara, can probably get my hands on Jimmy and Civil Disobedience 4.
Founders CBS, KBS (a bunch), Frangelic Mountain Brown
Cascade Strawberry, Sang Noir, Apricot
Stone Bottleworks 13th Anniversary
Three Floyds Baller Stout, 12 Dark Lord (a bunch)
Deschutes Black Butte XXIV
Russian River Beatification, Consecration, Sanctification
Alchemist Heady Topper (a bunch)

and more, list on request (full list being updated)

beers 7 º places 1 º 08:43 Mon 10/1/2012

Can you post back and say whether you got any bites. You have lots of good beers there that should appeal to an international trader. Interested if this gets done. If you don’t want to post but would send a private message to me, that would work as well. Good luck!

08:59 Mon 10/1/2012

How goes it? I recently lived in Chicago but now live in Washington so I have stuff from all over. Let me know if you are interested in anything in my cellar for trade. I will also have a bunch of Oregon stuff soon also. Thanks, Ryan

09:07 Mon 10/1/2012

Looking for KBS, CBS, DARK LORD

09:10 Wed 10/3/2012

maybe a 375 is more realistic?

beers 1314 º places 15 º 14:35 Wed 10/3/2012

Someone should hook Justin up. He is awesome.

beers 6050 º places 104 º 15:04 Wed 10/3/2012

Drink and Don’t trade the ephraim, we almost didn’t get it take it home

beers 2139 º places 14 º 15:27 Wed 10/3/2012

Definitely drink the Ephraim dude. It isn’t counter pressured, and the brewery recommends that you drink it within a few days of the fill date. Definitely not doing anyone service to package up that beer and send it away.

beers 1592 º places 63 º 15:31 Wed 10/3/2012

I’ve had great luck with growlers from hill farmstead personally.

16:50 Wed 10/3/2012

Anything else you are looking for? Interested in a dark lord. I have tons of beers, melange3, 2010 abyss, KBS, vintage dogfish. Just got back from Vermont for the harvest fest and stocked up like I see you did as well. I have some Lawson’s as well. If interested in trading a dark lord, give me a few you are looking for and see if we can work something out.

beers 2888 º places 134 º 17:00 Wed 10/3/2012

Did Sean up changing his mind on the Ephraim? I thought he said no to growlers?

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