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Feb 2020 Nisse666 Great gathering with the family. Many thx for everyting. And the on the side trade. Cheers and take care!
Nov 2018 CH-303 Third trade, everything great as usual. Country tick plus three Faro ticks. Thanks again for providing me hard-to-get stuff! Until next time!
Feb 2018 Grzesiek79 Tim sent me another full box with rare beer and old special Lambick. All series Horal Mega Blend, 3F Framboos and one small beer for free. Perfectly package. Thanks Tim for the box number 3. I'm hope we trade again in future. Best Regards and thanks for all.
Oct 2017 Bierridder_S Nice trade again @Hedonis Craft Beer festival. Again the Totem beers and after some rare Alvinnes he got me in September 2016, again he managed to find me the Verzet Experimenteel Oud Bruin and other nice things.
Sep 2017 tricksta_p Small but pleasant trade with Tim at Borefts '17. Country tick for a country tick. Tim generously brought a bonus bottle, thanks! Hope to run into you again.
Jul 2017 Grzesiek79 Box with 15 bottle of beer. All package is great, fast delivery. Thanks for ultra rare lambick, orginal Sahti from Finland and one rare German weizenbock. Thanks for anything and good communication.
May 2017 hopface Easy IP trade through a friend. Got some of my wants and was able to spread some CO IPAs across the globe. Would trade with again. Thanks!
May 2017 Grumbo Completed a trade with Tim for two country ticks each, he even facilitated a beer courier to bring our beers between England and Belgium. Good prompt communication and hope we can trade a tick or two more in due course. Cheers!
Mar 2017 Grzesiek79 Very good communication for long, long time. 14 Great Belgian Beer including five rare old Lambick. One beer from New Country. Everything was fast and save all the fifteen bottle of beer. Thanks Tim for that perfect selection and ultra rare Lambick. Definiitely recommended trader. Tim Thanks for All and your wonderful beer !
Jul 2016 CH-303 Second trade, got two hard-to-get countries and the rest all from my wants list, including a hard-to-get Aardmonnik! Very good communication. Great trade, though the French postal services seem to be a bit rough. Recommended!

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