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Jun 2017 weihenweizen We set up an in person trade which was great. I landed several nice beers including several wheat beers I have not rated, fresh IPAs, and King Henry’s Special Reserve. In addition we went to Euston Tap and was generous enough to buy me a few beers. Top notch guy.
May 2017 Garrold I’d happily trade potatoes with Leighton. He’s a lovely man. There. I said it.
Jan 2017 Garrold I sent Leighton some VT stuff a while back and let him decide what to send back. He didn’t disappoint. Solid HF beers and a nice selection of VT hops. He also sent me a beer he knew I’d had, knowing I really like it, and hoped I’d like to try it again. He was right! Cheers! Looking forward to the next one.
Dec 2016 jtclockwork Great IP trade with Leighton. Let’s do it again when you’re back in the states.
Dec 2016 skrip awesome IP trade at The Referend in NJ! hooked me up with some long time wants and new ticks! really nice meeting you man! cheers!
Dec 2016 Jow Leighton did me a solid and brought me a beer I really I wanted all the way across the atlantic for IP trade here in NYC. Thanks mate
Jul 2016 phaleslu Leighton sent a super cool can from Beavertown for me, out of the kindness of his heart! Great guy, great trader. Cheers, Leighton!
May 2016 Clownoisseur I met up with Leighton at Three Floyds to drop a beer off for him to re-rate and he gifts me a bottle of Wiper and True! Very cool! Nice to meet you, hope you enjoy the beers and US visit!
Mar 2016 Garrold Traded again with Leighton, this time at the Beavertown birthday bash. I provided a few Cantillon, in return for Hill Farmstead wants and a very nice oat IPA. Another quality trade with a quality trader. Leighton’s choice of outer garments suited to inclement weather is pretty suspect, however. Next trade we do, I’m throwing in a hat, scarf and glove package!
Nov 2015 Garrold Traded with Leighton for the second time IP. We swapped Hill Farmstead beers, and Leighton threw in a load of very nice extras. A pleasure to trade with and chat to. Cheers!

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