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The following are the regional highlights -- best beers available here, best beers brewed here, events and local RateBeerian info -- for Mexico. This site is interactive, so we encourage you to take part in the rating, addition and correction of the site.



These are the best beers you can find in this region's stores and restaurants based on the availability information provided by RateBeerians in this area. A beer has to have 5 or more ratings to be listed here.

1De Halve Maan Straffe Hendrik Brugs QuadrupelHuisbrouwerij De Halve Maan113099
2DuvelDuvel Moortgat448498
3AleSmith San Diego Pale Ale .394AleSmith Brewing Company32597
4Firestone Walker Easy JackFirestone Walker Brewing (Duvel Moortgat)78993
5De Halve Maan Straffe Hendrik Brugs Tripelbier 9°Huisbrouwerij De Halve Maan93792
6Wendlandt Perro del Mar India Pale AleCervecería Wendlandt3987
7Border Psycho Brutal Imperial StoutBorder Psycho Brewery3486
8Border Psycho La Perversa (IPA)2Border Psycho Brewery1975
9La Brü IPALa Brü1073
10Wendlandt Vaquita Marina Pale AleCervecería Wendlandt1569
11Fauna Lycan LupusCerveceria Fauna2268
12Ramuri Lágrimas NegrasRamuri Cerveza Artesanal3263
13Minerva StoutCerveceria Minerva10557
14Fauna Mala VidaCerveceria Fauna1250
15Fauna PenélopeCerveceria Fauna1149
16Karmeliten Kloster DunkelKarmeliten Brauerei Karl Sturm7145
17Loba NegraCerveza Loba Artesenal1545
18La Brü StoutLa Brü1343
19Baja Escorpion NegroBaja Brewing Company2543
20Loba Alfa Cerveza Loba Artesenal1643
21Breckenridge Breck LagerBreckenridge Brewery (AB InBev)3942
22Wendlandt Foca Parlante Oatmeal StoutCervecería Wendlandt2141
23Karmeliten Kloster Weizen HellKarmeliten Brauerei Karl Sturm7331
24Baja RazzBaja Brewing Company1924
25Baja PelirrojaBaja Brewing Company1323


1Insurgente XocovezaCerveceria Insurgente1997
2Fauna Dark LycanCerveceria Fauna1488
3Insurgente La LupulosaCerveceria Insurgente8488
4Wendlandt Perro del Mar India Pale AleCervecería Wendlandt3987
5Hércules CalmécacCervecera Hércules1187
6Insurgente Nocturna Black IPACerveceria Insurgente3186
7Border Psycho Brutal Imperial StoutBorder Psycho Brewery3486
8Calavera Mexican Imperial StoutCervecería Calavera6283
9Fauna Nox ArcanaCerveceria Fauna983
10Propaganda Bágha Super IPAPropaganda Brewing983
11Insurgente / Oersoep / Rooie Dop 3 Cabras (Tres Cabras)Cerveceria Insurgente1680
12Wendlandt Harry Polanco Red AleCervecería Wendlandt1779
13Insurgente Hops & ChillCerveceria Insurgente1879
14Mexicana Day of the Dead Beer One-Two Knockout PunchCervecería Mexicana (Grupo Modelo - AB InBev)4178
15La Brü Winter AleLa Brü977
16Border Psycho La Perversa (IPA)2Border Psycho Brewery1975
17Insurgente Juan Cordero Cerveceria Insurgente4474
18La Brü IPALa Brü1073
19Agua Mala AstilleroCervecería Agua Mala2772
20Artesanas de Malta y Cebada Dia de los Muertos PorterArtesanas de Malta y Cebada1669
21Wendlandt Vaquita Marina Pale AleCervecería Wendlandt1569
22Insurgente RompeolasCerveceria Insurgente1468
23Fauna Lycan LupusCerveceria Fauna2268
24Insurgente I Love ScotchCerveceria Insurgente1367
25Cucapá La Migra Imperial StoutCervecería Cucapá8266

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