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Iíll also do everything to attend wherever it is, but from my point of view itís a bit harder to itís Scotland, Ireland or Scandinavia. Last time was a great fun. Some nice places proposed, Barcelona is wonderful idea, but it might be smart to escape the heat, making it impossible to organize a decent pub crawl (Bratislava was awesome summer refreshment I reckon, night temperatures were ideal) With Belgium or Netherlands we canít be wrong as of the beerscene and I believe the locals would find lot of new stuff as well. So if you guys wanna put up some poll about locations or dates on March 6, why not.

I hope to be there this year as well. This is normally great fun. Amsterdam pub crawl and visits to other cities sounds great. As far as brewery visits I think that could become a killer. I feel like - have you seen one you have seen them all.
Na zdravi

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Originally posted by Mads K
As far as brewery visits I think that could become a killer. I feel like - have you seen one you have seen them all.

Good point, having the brewing process explained three times in one day could become a bit tedious
I think one should rather consider them ítastings on locationí

Moreover, besides some brewery visits, the idea is that weíre going to try for one day to have the brewers of a few of the most interesting beers in the region together at one location to present some specialities. No guaranties, as we havenít started organising anything yet till it is clear what will happen - but we have good hopes.. (and some connections )

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So any newes on dates and locations??

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Originally posted by MrHangover
So any newes on dates and locations??

Yes, though nothing is certain yet, we are too early in the process for that. But a preliminary programme is:

Thursday 27 June
- Arrivals
- Kick-off beer diner
- Beerparty

Friday 28 June
Excursion 1. "crossing Borders"
- Visit to an interesting brewery not far from Belgium
- Pub crawl in a Belgian city
- Tasting and BBQ at a nice brewery in the border area
- Afterparty

Saturday 29 June
Excursion 2. "Malts and hops"
- Sleeping in
- Visit to a well known brewery
- Beer presentations by different brewers
- "Royal Grand Tasting", with simple dinner buffet style
- Train back
- For die-hards: pub crawl

Sunday 30 June
Excursion 3. "Sunday"
- visit to a monastery
- Lunch and beer tasting
- Facultative: visit to Tilburg Beer Festival / Tilburg pub scene.

Facultative: Monday 1 July
- (If there is enough interest) for the sourheads: "Letís get sour"

Beware: it is by no means a final programme yet. Days can change and weíre in different (early) stages of negotiation with different places, and some we havenít contacted at all yet. Check the non-US forum regularly and weíll keep you posted.

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Okay - Iím hopefully in! Iíll stay tuned.

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A little advice from a somewhat experienced RBESG-attendee (3x): Iíd switch the grand tasting to Sunday as it will take up quite some time, and youíll be (a little) drunk afterwards. But thatís just my 2 cents. Looks great already!

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Sounds good. Agree that Sunday is probably best for Grand Tasting.

Are we talking about being based in Amsterdam?

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I think Saturday is the best day for the grand tasting, as it would allow people to travel on Sunday if they need to be back to work on Monday. Iíve been to one gathering with a Saturday tasting and one with a Sunday tasting, and I prefer keeping Sunday free (or, as the schedule stands, with some low-key event).

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I havenít attended the last two years and this looks very interesting for me.