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Spindletap Longboard 3.9  
Spindletap Brewery Houston, Texas
16oz can. Poured a cloudy golden to orange color with a medium sized head. Fruity, dank citrus, tropical juiciness, and sweetness hides the 10.5%.

North Park Hop Fu 3.8  
North Park Beer Company San Diego, California
Pours a clear, very pale yellow, with smallish head. Aroma is citrus and pine, some grass. Flavor is citrus, pine, hops. Crisp mouthfeel. Moderately bitter finish.

Wayfinder / Fair State Animal 3.9  
Wayfinder Beer Portland, Oregon
Can from Tavour. Pours clear, bright gold with a large foamy head that laced lightly. Aroma is mildlly bready, with grass and a spice note. Med body. Flavor pretty much matches the aroma, though the spice has quite a bite. Maybe a hint of grapefruit. Crisp and tasty.

Kompaan Battle Royale - Pacific Liver Punch 3.0  
Kompaan The Hague, South Holland
44 cl can served in a snifter. Poured cloudy and hazy amber with two finger off white head. Aroma: pomegranate, orange peel, grapefruit, citrus, caramel, vanilla. Taste: grapefruit, vanilla, orange, mandarin, tangerine, citrus, grassy hops, pineapple. Velvety mouthfeel. Medium body with a fruity bittersweet finish. Not as full as I expected from a 9% ABV IPA...still prefer Moerleutel's Stouts...they really should stick to brewing those and leave IPA's and Sours to the Americans...

Martin House Astronaut Apocalypse 3.9  
Martin House Brewing Company Fort Worth, Texas
12-oz can from tavour. good monster-bubbled fizzy then foamy head, huge coconut malty nose, creamy, roasty coffee faded coconut bitter finish.

Frontaal / The Bruery I've Got Friends In The Music Business Batch #4 3.6  
Brouwerij Frontaal Breda, North Brabant
33 cl can served in a snifter. Poured black with one finger tan head. Aroma: chocolate, vanilla, caramel, dark fruit, burnt sugar, roasted malts. Taste: chocolate, sultana, vanilla, dried dark fruit, caramel, toffee, plums, dates, didn't get the Peppers though...have to use my imagination really hard to find those Peppers...velvety mouthfeel. Medium body with a roasted and bittersweet finish. It's ok...

Beyond the Pale Yummy 4.1  
473ml can from LCBO. Serving it 2 Celsius cold. Pours an opaque golden colour with one finger of white head which settles into a 1/4” thick frothy foam which lingers. Lacing clinging to the glass as I’m drinking it. Aromas of tropical fruits and grapefruit. Taste matches the aroma. Medium bodied with medium-high carbonation. Flavourful session NEIPA.

Jackie O's Bourbon Barrel Oil Of Aphrodite 4.2  
35 cl bottle served in a snifter. Poured black with one finger mocha tan head. Aroma: chocolate, bourbon, caramel, raisins, plums, vanilla, burnt sugar. Taste: chocolate, vanilla, bourbon, toffee, caramel, fudge, plums, sultana, christmas pudding, dates, burnt muscovado sugar, molasses, cinnamon, dried dark fruit, nougat, walnuts. Oily and velvety mouthfeel. A medium to full body with a roasted bittersweet finish. Very good!

Reformation Princess Peach 3.6  
Reformation Brewery Woodstock, Georgia
Pours clear, bubbly amber with a decent parchment head. Aroma offers up juicy and sweet peach plus tart other fruit and some fresh malt. Dry flavor supplies juicy and sweet peach with citrus and tropical hints and a fresh malt foundation. Texture yields nice body and peppy fizz. Peachy.

Craft Nation Easier Said Than Done Session IPA 3.0  
United Dutch Breweries Breda, North Brabant
Can from Home Bargains. Semi hazy gold, nice white top. Aroma is somewhat lagery with grains and vegetation but also has a sweet fruity citrus and stone fruit. Taste has a slight butterscotch thing going on with some tropical zest, pepper, tangy stone fruit. Light to medium bodied, soda like carbonation. Despite flaws there is a good balance between sweet and bitter and its still sessionable as intended.

Migration Liven Up! 3.8  
Migration Brewing Company Portland, Oregon
Fine beer, balanced and crisp--happy anniversary Migration. aromas of resin, toasted malt, strawberry and honey. clear medium yellow with thin white head. Fruity flavor--strawberry, guava, orange--but not sweet due to the pine edge. Substantial without being heavy, well-crafted.

Untitled Art Lemon Sherbet Fruited Sour 3.6  
Untitled Art Waunakee, Wisconsin
Hazy gold with a large foamy white head that lingered. Tangy and sweet with a lemon pie presence. Long finish. Medium body.

Drekker Slang Du Jour - Marionberry Cobbler 4.4  
Drekker Brewing Company Fargo, North Dakota
Very dark purple red when a large foamy pink head that left good lacing. Sweet with dark berries, cinnamon and vanilla. Long finish. Moderately full bodied

Forbidden Root Strawberry Basil Hefeweizen 3.5  
Murky orange tan with a large foamy white head that left decent lacing. Sweet, tart and tangy with notes of strawberry and basil. Medium finish and body.

Ithaca Vanilla Porter 3.0  
Ithaca Beer Co. Ithaca, New York
Black with a medium sized foamy beige head that lingered. Bitter and roasty with notes of coffee and vanilla. Long finish. Medium body.


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