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Feb 2017 Homer321 Borken sent me a twelve pack of canned orange juice that some people call IPAs these days. Super quick to send it and great communication. Pretty chill for a California hippie
Feb 2017 michcam8 sail hooked me up some california haze. packaged and taped like a 3rd grader. stellar mule.
Oct 2016 Homer321 Borken sent me a nice little box with a pack of a California IPA I’ve been looking for. Tossed in a nice bonus beer too. T. Hanks, bro!
Aug 2016 Homer321 Andrew sends me two cans of California love (hops and sour) for no reason. What a chill bro!
Jan 2016 _angst_ IP trade by proxy. Great communication and a great trade. Thank you very much Andrew!
Nov 2015 rlgk Cool trade even if we actually never met in person. Met his friend and we made the trade. Recommended.
Oct 2015 MacBoost Broken sale sent me a very nice box full of high boost IPA’s and sours. Top notch. Trade with this guy!
May 2015 bigtaster Box of some great California beers with really good extras too, thanks!
Jan 2015 Homer321 Andrew drops another box of cali yummies on my porch. Some huge alesmith wants and some fresh noble ale works DIPA. Thanks, borken!
Oct 2014 JohnGalt1 Smooth and easy trade with Andrew.. My brews for cool California bottles... and a great growler found the way into the box. Thanks amigo... Get to the CHOPPA!! No sweat/great trader.
May 2014 Homer321 Andrew hooked it up proper! I sent him some growlers from Florida and this guy drops me some Beechwood, Noble Ale works, and a huge sour whale I’ve been looking for. Oh and then he still includes some great Port cans as bonus. Awesome trade, great communication, all that
Apr 2014 Clownoisseur Met Andrew at The Bruery for an in person in trade. Really nice guy, great beers, great extras. Would trade with any day! Thanks so much!
Mar 2014 Bacterial What a generous dude! I wrote about a box from SoCal that I sent to myself that had a broken bottle of Almanac in it and brokensail offered to send me a replacement bottle! Box arrived today, packed like a pro. Great beer karma for this guy! Thanks!!
Mar 2014 Homer321 Womancantsail responded to my ISO post and hooked me up with some Cali love. Deal developed over several releases and meant more beers for me! He’s probably dropping me negative feedback since I still owe him a box and he won’t tell me what he wants! Great guy!
Mar 2014 Meilby Met up with Andrew at The Bruery in Aug 2013. I scored two of my white whales in this trade, Cherry Adam and Barrel Aged Speedway. Super friendly and I would love to share a couple of beers again some day.
Feb 2014 bursprak Easy trade with Andrew for some nice Cal beers including Duck Duck Goose. Sent some hard to get Mikkeller beers his way. Easy to deal with and good communication.
Feb 2014 phaleslu Andrew sent some top-notch garbage. Wowe. The depth and breadth of this garbage is very impressive. I hope to return the favor someday. Cheers!
Feb 2014 deyholla Easy trade with Andrew, hooked me up with a much wanted beer and a nice extra! Quick to ship, would gladly do again!
Jan 2014 ClarkVV A Tovarish Imperial Coffee Stout with a "bonus" of Speakeasy Syndicate 1? Jesus, that’s quite the extra. Oh and a Rough Draft Session IPA too. Quick and easy, very generous trader!
Jan 2014 vacax This bro hooked up this bro with some 2009 Cherry Adam for some vintage Sanctification. This bro was pretty cool and I think you bros should trade with him. Thanks bro.
Nov 2013 SrSilliGose buncha tame brews tossed via brokensail courtesy. so chill http://i.imgur.com/zgZ1VOf.jpg
Oct 2013 cubs another easy trade win for me over bro sail. love trading him shelf turds for his one bottle limit brewery only releases. #winningtrades
Aug 2013 VsXsV Andrew sent me a mixed 6-pack of American craft beers along with some Kvass, Bud Light Chelada and Mexican Pale Ale. This was done as a part of Scavenger Hunt Season 3. Thanks bro!
Jul 2013 TheEpeeist Awesome box from Andrew; Tap It APA, Hangar 24 DIPA and Old Jackalope. Those were just the extras! Box back to you soon. Cheers!
Jul 2013 drowland fucken a bro this bro LIFTS. fucken DDG and Bambic for a Cali Brandy Huny and some other BA local garbage I had sitting around. talk about #winning on my end
Jul 2013 Ibrew2or3 Slick Malt Lika trade with Andrew. He scored me one off my "wants" list and tossed in some tasty hoppy extras too. Easy, smooth effortless. Great trader. Thanks!
Jun 2013 nicks6217 Easy trade with Andrew, super easy to work with. Thanks again!
May 2013 illidurit I had a great trade with Andrew -- he knocked off some of my longtime wants for a Sante Adairius package. I took a while sending my half because I was moving but he was super patient and didn’t pressure me at all. Great communication and packaging. Cheers!
Apr 2013 DietPepsican got about an 8 pack of malted liquor and some wales from the bruery (it’s spelled brewery, morans) and some homed brew. Awesome.
Mar 2013 AlexFields Easy to work with, very reasonable in what he asked for, packed the beers well, sent plenty of extras. Good trader.
Mar 2013 KAggie97 This dude sent me some California sours for no reason. All arrived in one piece, and all were delicious. Great guy. Highly recommended.
Mar 2013 MacBoost Awesome trade with this bro. He sent me some very nice sours to wash down the malt likka I’ve been drinking lately. Great communication, packaged excellent. A+
Mar 2013 cubs I ain’t gonna lie. I busted a nut when I got this sweet ass chemistry set from my favorite SoCal garbage man. Erlenmeyer Flask, Volumetric Flask, Bunsen Burner, and 3x Culture Tubes as requested plus a goddamn fucken a bro bronus can of V8. So good!
Mar 2013 KAggie97 For no reason, Andrew sent me: The Bruery Tart of Darkness and Maron Acidifie, and Russian River Temptation and Supplication. I ain’t gonna lie. Andrew’s awesome. Just wish he was a horse.
Dec 2012 cubs A-Dogg just dropped a stupidly generous box on me. I’m blown away. That guy is just silly. Fucken a bro. (Insert some more random garbage here about how he’s a neato dude.)
Dec 2012 TheAlum Andrew.. the trader. What can really be said? Helped me out with some sours I’d been looking for. Arrived fast, well packaged. Great communication (He has a creepy Facebook Stalker feel about him). Bruery sours, extras, RBSG2012 Glass, and a bottle I sought out for a friend. Thanks, Dolan.
Nov 2012 pushkinwow So worked out what I thought was already a very generous trade with Andrew for some ice ciders and then I open things up and am blown away by other things in the package. So not only was their great communication and packaging but what was already a great package on Andrew’s end was taken to the next level. I would recommend him to anyone and look forward to trading again so that I can repay his g
Nov 2012 barak316 Excellent trade with Andrew. Great communication, perfectly packed, amazing extras! Perfect trader. If you get a chance get a trade set up with Andrew you won’t be disappointed.
Nov 2012 levifunk Andrew transported some beers for me for a trade. Very helpful and great communication.
Nov 2012 OakAgedGravy Very smooth trade with Andrew. He tossed in an incredible extra. He is the kind of trader you want in every trade.
Sep 2012 skycracksopen Andrew sent me a lot of great beer from breweries like Bell’s, Central Waters, Rodenbach, and more. It was all well-packed and arrived quickly. Thanks a lot!
Jul 2012 jyoungsbcp Andrew hooked me up with bountiful extras on top of the agreed upon trade, even though he knew in advance that I was not sending extras (from past experiences I don’t put bottles in boxes with growlers). Excellent trader, and would gladly trade again.
Jul 2012 Sarlacc83 Received my 2nd box from Andy of Bruery/Bootlegger beers. Everything was packed well, as usual. Highly recommended trader.
Jun 2012 Bacterial Excellent trade with Andrew. Nice extras, easy e-mailing back and forth. Looking forward to another trade with him!
Jun 2012 elkhunter36 Got a kickass box with some incredible extras from Andrew. Hope to trade with him again soon.
Jun 2012 RJ5020 Good trade with Andrew. Box arrived safely and had some nice extras in it. I would trade with Andrew again.
May 2012 mista Box arrived safe and sound. Andrew took a little longer then anticipated to get the package out but went over the top with extras which made the wait well worth it. I would gladly trade with Andrew again.
Apr 2012 AmEricanbrew For a few Lambics, Andrew shoots me some great brews from Hill Farmstead, Mackenzie, Founders, The Bruery, and Jolly Pumpkin, plus some very cool extras. Thanks again for the big box of brews!!
Apr 2012 Sammy Very easy trade with Andrew. He was kind enough to bring me lots of wished for sours to the Bruery where I was going. So generous in extras that I had to pay extra luggage fees on return trip! Great guy to have a beer with and talk about the West Coast.
Jan 2012 jaschais 2nd trade with Andrew in less than a month! Just as easy as the first time, and I am once again super satisfied. And WOW great extras! Including a 99 rated impy stout I’d never even heard of! A+++
Jan 2012 TheAlum Quick trade with Andrew saw us swapping smaller boxes back and forth. Arrived safe and sound, well packed 3 slotter styro. Great communication, look forward to doing another eventually. Even extra’d me something really cool. Great trader!
Dec 2011 jaschais Andrew and I made a quick trade for a few bottles of beer. This was my first trade and it couldn’t have gone better! Smooth and easy, more exciting than christmas when I got my package - I think I’m addicted. Thanks for a great first trade Andrew!
Nov 2011 sarro First trade with Andrew and it went great. JP for Upright and couldn’t be happier. Got a couple nice extras as well. Looking forward to another in the future.
Sep 2011 FlandersNed Great package received from Andrew - He outdid me on extras (some nice esoteric brews) so I’m looking forward to our next swap!
Sep 2011 FlandersNed Great package received from Andrew - He outdid me on extras (some nice esoteric brews) so I’m looking forward to our next swap!
Aug 2011 TheAlum Great 1st trade with Andrew. Great communication, easy to deal with. Arrived in a safe and sound 6 slotter styro. Fast, easy. Andrew makes it easy. Look forward to the next. Cheers!
Aug 2011 DalzAle Andrew quickly sends me a super fresh growler of Bruery BeRazzled and then tosses in 3 extras on top of it: Odanata Saison, Mission St. 2011 Anniversary Ale and Weyerbacher 15! Quick shipping and great communication, thanks again!
Aug 2011 Hopsleeroy Andrew and I set up a trade of Jackie Os and Blushing Monk for some tasty stouts. Great communication, well packed box, tasty extras of styles I preferred, and very flexible in getting it all done. Would recommend him and would definitely trade again. Thanks Andrew-looking forward to next time.
Aug 2011 Sarlacc83 Andrew hooked me up with some Bruery goodies and a Trinity Old Growth, then bonused me some very tasty San Diego DIPAs and a Lost Sailor. Great trader and highly recommended.
Jul 2011 Beerman6686 Andrew hooked me up with The agreed upon dark lord 10 and splinter black and bonused me 2 local ipas and maui coconut porter. Would definitely trade with again. Thanks again man!
Jul 2011 yobdoog Not too many trades logged at this point but a stellar trader. Great communication, great shipping. A nice addition to the trading community. Got my Veritas 008 with sweet bonuses of Valley Pom Saison, Kern River Class V stout, A Bruery Provisions and a new Maui IPA rate for me. Thanks!
Jul 2011 PittRooney hooked me up with some great beers and extras
Jun 2011 deftim13 Andrew hooked up a nice in person trade and filled a major want for me,2009 Fifty Fifty EC. My collection of Eclipse is now 100% complete thanks to Andrew. Thanks for the great trade!
May 2011 crosamich Me-Cantillon, Andrew-Bruery. We set up a trade that I made him wait on for a while until I made a trip back to the states ;) Easy trade with a great sampling of extras
Apr 2011 Forgetfu Andrew sent me my long-sought after white whale in what was an extremely easy trade. Great communication. He also sent stellar extras, which were quite above and beyond considering the amazing beers already in his box.
Apr 2011 nimbleprop Andrew sent out the agreed upon Bruery Provisions beers and bonused me an Odonata Saison, a FW Velvet Merlin, a Shorts Strawberry Shorts Cake, a Bells Batck 9k and a Deschutes Inversion IPA. Packed great, shipped fast. Will definitely trade again.
Apr 2011 Doodler Andrew hooked me up with some Bootlegger’s Knuckle Sandwiches in trade for a growler of Trinity Slap Your Mammy. I screwed up the addy (subsequently fixed in route), but the man was a saint about it. Very cool trader - hook up with Sir A - you won’t be disappointed!
Mar 2010 deyholla Thanks for hooking me up with the Melenge No. 6 and some great extras! Packed great and shipped promptly, would definitely do it again.